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Already, Eva Glawischnig, Matthias Strolz and Reinhold Mitterlehner have started a "personal declaration" that they withdraw from their political functions. The same choice of words followed today, Sunday, deputy mayor of Vienna Maria Vassilakou. The Greens started a press conference in the near future and announced at noon that they would no longer work for the Vienna 2020 elections.

"I would like to inform you that I will not run for the top election of the Viennese Greens, as deputy mayor and board member I am available until 2019," she explained. This was later corrected by her spokesman: meant the 2018 financial statements, which are ready in June 2019. Until that time she wants to give her her job to a successor or a successor.

As a reason for the decision, she gave the request for renewal of the Viennese Greens. She now wants to start with herself. After 25 years in top politics and a few months before her 50th birthday, she wanted to leave the front row to give space to others – but also her own.

Maria Vassilakou: Farewell from the first row

No election recommendation

Vassilakou has recently been criticized more and more internally. For the first list there are already several applicants, including their political foster son, the city council Peter Kraus. Since he – her former office manager and confidant – made his application public, it was almost certain that Vassilakou had already taken her decision. Also promoted to the successor of the Green Club boss David Ellensohn.

Maria Vassilakou, however, made no personal recommendation in her statement on Sunday. She wants fair competition from the ideas and visions of the candidates for the best candidate. "I wonder who will win the election," she concluded.

After an introductory declaration of love to Vienna – the city she first met as an 18-year-old student and served for eight years for the City Hall – she also took stock of her political achievements. Here she named the Mariahilferstraße (with which she placed a memorial), the 365 Euro-Jahreskarte, the new Stephansplatz, the new Herrengasse, the Parkpickerl in the suburbs, the Nordbahnhofviertel and Nordwestbahnhofviertel, the Seestadt Aspern, the recently adopted short story of the building Code. . Open projects must be completed or put on the right track, she emphasized. And "yes, the city toll was serious," Vassilakou said.

Life and career

With the green front woman Maria Vassilakou the capital also received the first in the autumn of 2010 crazy mayor with a migration background. Since 2004 the native Athenian Green club bale in Vienna city hall.

Vassilakou was born on February 23, 1969 in Athens as the only child of a goldsmith and a contractor. After completing her high school in the Greek metropolis, she came to the University of Vienna in 1986 to become an interpreter for German, English and French. In 1989 she started the linguisticsshe graduated in 1994.

Vassilakous political career already started at the university. In 1995 he moved to the Green Club in Vienna's town hall. In 1996 she moved to parliament and it became integration spokeswoman the greens. Already at the next elections in 2001 she joined Christoph Chorherr on the prominent second list and was elected after the elections non-executive councilor,

In January 2004 Vassilakou was in the Federal executive power of the Greens After having been a member of the board of directors of the Viennese Greens from 1997 to 2001. On the Vienna elections 2005 She already ran as a top candidate in the race, previously she had followed Chorherr as a club chairman.

A political offer from her homeland that she proposed in 2009: it could be Deputy Minister of the Environment in Greece under the Socialist Prime Minister Giorgos Papandreou.

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