Miss Austria is the "strongest" woman in Austria

It remained exciting until the end, even when the beautiful Linzerin Daniela Zivkov (21) used their home advantage from the start in the election of Miss Austria at the Linz Design Center.

Zivkov is a real power woman: she keeps her dream body fit with martial arts training (including Thai boxing). She was already convinced at Missen Camp and therefore came out with a wild card like the first Miss.

The soldiers still have to wait for them

Strong. The lady wants to let her fight and defend quickly. Her goal: career officer. But now the dream job has to wait. "Parallel to my year as Miss, I can not do the training, but the desire to practice this profession is still great," she explains in the AUSTRIA Talk.

From her new life as the most beautiful woman in Austria, the ambitious Linzer already has a precise idea: "It will be a life out of the suitcase, I would like to travel."

Miss Austria© Miss Austria

Miss Austria© Andreas Carpenter

Miss Austria© Miss Austria

With her friend David Zivkov he boxes around the blanket

Private. How could it be otherwise: the new beauty queen has been in good hands for two years now. David Brandl (31, engineer) is the man at her side. "We got to know each other on the street, I sniffed at him because I had talked so hard and that's how we got into conversation." Her partner is also an avid boxer and helped her prepare for her Missen title. N. Martens

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"Cooking, my friend will arrange that for me!"

AUSTRIA: How do you feel today, have you already realized the victory?

Daniela ZivkovNot completely true. But I'm starting to get a bit scared, because a big challenge is waiting for me. Happiness, however, weighs heavier.

AUSTRIA: You have to start your internship as a career officer today. What will happen?

ZivkovOf course, in parallel with my year as Miss Austria, that does not work, but the desire to become a career officer is still very strong. I'm just waiting for a year. But I'm not ashamed if I do not.

AUSTRIA: What do you expect from the year as miss?

Zivkov: I expect a year in which I live out of my suitcase and experience many new places, emotions and people.

AUSTRIA: That would be a challenge for a relationship …

Zivkov: Yes, my friend David Brandl is a bit worried that we now only have a relationship through a video call. But he supports me in every way.

AUSTRIA: And you reward him with a meal?

Zivkov: No, I can not cook, but he! I like to eat and brush a bit.

Daniela Zivkovic© ManfredBaumann.com

Points magic? Confusion about the & # 39; gone & # 39; third place

Throughout the entire time Miss Online Nicole Weinl, Vice-Miss-Vorarlberg Izabela Ion and Miss Upper Austria Daniela Zivkov were the participants with the most points. But in the end, when the Bikini Passage, which had already taken place behind closed doors in the afternoon, was included in the evaluation, underneath Miss Styrian Sarah Posch suddenly stood on the pedestal. She was surprisingly third and Nicole Weinl was no longer in the top 3. Some even talk about services here.

Miss online Nicole-Weinl.jpg© Manfred Baumann

She missed a lot in the top 3: Miss Online Nicole Weinl.

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