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The timetable in the fight against the high blood circulation at the (unhindered) level crossings of Austria has the Railway crossing regulation 2012 established. By 2024, federal and national authorities must weigh approximately 5,000 unmarked intersections ideally secured until 2029 with barriersor, if possible, have left.

However, the transitional period of 17 years – calculated from the reference date – becomes more unbearable for every serious accident with unhindered transitions. Being on board from the beginning provide financing, the planned key is divided between 50:50 between railway operators and street chiefs (ie mostly cities and municipalities).

Permanent companions of the Roadmap 2029 are therefore also in court for forging financing disputes, because communities pay for the costs to be defended. The terrible accident on Tuesday, which claimed a fatality, brings the theme new urgency on wallpaper.

The Graz Mayor Siegfried Nagl (ÖVP) demands that, in view of the increasing traffic in urban centers, no transition without hindrance may be carried out: "The price as in this terrible accident that has cost a human life is too expensive in the city, a railway crossing or underpasses secured are with a barrier. A traffic light system is simply not enough in urban areas"

the GKB infrastructure manager, former minister Gerald Klug gives "the mayor completely right." The accident button in the Heubergergasse / Grottenhofstraße was – as required by the authorities – legally correct and after the first test with flawless red light signal system worked, but: "The authority The railroad did not re-evaluate this railroad crossing point on the basis of the 2012- Regulation. However, I think that an underpass is probably the best solution."

But smart also speaks that itself Pace in the safety retrofits to: "This transitional period of 17 years is a problem, and all those responsible must sit together to speed up this project to put an end to this suffering."
It would appeal to all railway operators, as well as the infrastructure structure, such as the Ministry of Finance and the municipal and municipal associations. But Klug also clearly states: "If we want to increase the pace here, that will not happen without a special budget." The federal government must enforce this.

Infrastructure minister Herbert Hofer but yesterday referred to the 2012 regulation, which will be processed. This too amend takes a lot of valuable time. However, if countries and railway operators act faster and according to risk priorities, Hofer would welcome this.

In ours live article From Tuesday you can read about the events of the day.

15:40: Wanted Witnesses! The drivers of two cars, which are apparently driven directly behind the bus, are looked for by the police as witnesses. Other witnesses who can contribute to the elucidation of the accident must be present in the Traffic inspection 1 Report: tel. 059133 65 4110.

14:40: The fatal accident on Tuesday was the first death of a Graz employee in active driving.

1:50 am: While the investigation was still underway, the cause of the accident was already being speculated about the possible causes. As a possible variant, it was mentioned repeatedly that at the level crossing the low level morning sunshine so blinded to the red light of the traffic light that the red light was too poorly visible. That this sometimes happens, pointed to several neighbors at the site of the accident in the Grottenhofstraße.

13.30 hours: The police investigations on the spot of the accident are still under way. The Public Prosecutor's Office Graz has one autopsy as well as one toxicological report arranged with the deceased bus driver. Even with regard to the injured, there is still no exact information, neither in terms of their exact number nor their nationality. One thing is certain: none of the train passengers were admitted to hospital.

Public bus against GKB train in Graz
Photo © Wilfried Rombold

13:25: Also minister of transport Norbert Hofer (FPÖ) was deeply affected by the fatal accident in a reaction. "I want to express my sympathy to the victim's family and wish the injured person a speedy and complete recovery", said the minister in a press release. To determine the causes of the accident and the resulting safety recommendations for the future Researcher of the Federal Security Research Council (SUB) at the scene of the accident.

13:15: How many passengers there had been in the injured bus is still unclear, according to the police. Some apparently unharmed prisoners left the scene of the accident after the accident, even before the emergency services arrived. These witnesses now ask the Traffic inspection 1 of the police (tel. 059 133 – 65 4110) or another department.

13:10: The accident has far-reaching consequences for the routing of bus line 33. So until further notice a shuttle service from the Don Bosco junction. All details can be found here.

13.00: the Grottenhofstraße from now on it will be used for the recovery of the bus and the derailed train locked.

00:55: Because the victim is bus driver of the Holding Graz, it is for the other employees Crisis Intervention Team in use, for example around the rondo at Graz Jakominiplatz, the (service) meeting place of the bus and tram driver. Barbara Muhr from the Holding Graz expressed her sympathy with the partner of the deceased, who also works for the holding company Graz.

00:45: More details about the course of events today. Total were three rescue helicopters and 65 paramedics in action. While three are seriously injured in it LKH Graz were flown and there in the intensive care unit were further (seriously) injured in the UKH Graz and ins LKH Wagna flown.

12.30: Over and over again, in recent months, serious accidents have occurred at Styrian level crossings of various operators. Only in the year In 2018, there were already five fatalities after accidents at level crossings in Styria complain. Two deaths have an impact on the GKB route, where several serious accidents have taken place this year. >> Read more here << Only last Saturday there was a fatal accident near the Feistritztalbahn.

00:05: According to his spokesman, GKB has gradually expanded the safety equipment of crossings over the past years. In the round 112 train kilometers between Graz, Köflach and Eibiswald including connecting routes, there are about 100 intersections around three quarters consists of barriers or signal lighting systems secured.

The lighting system at the scene of the accident in Graz – where a bus collided with a suburban train from the GKB on Tuesday morning and the bus driver died – have worked according to assessmentIn 2014 there were 129 railway crossings on the Graz-Köflacher-Bahn route from Graz to Eibiswald and Köflach, of which 71 had technical crossing protection (seven barriers, 64 traffic lights). Since then, the transitions have been evaluated within the meaning of the Railways Regulation of 2012. "We have closed a number of them, with other technical fuses extended," said GKB spokesman Ernst Suppan at the APA.

11.40 hours: Here are the photos of the tragic collision of a bus with a GKB train.


11.30 am: As were first responders six construction workers From a residential building in the Heubergergasse, the wounded in the bus rushed to the aid. The event took the men seriously, they later reported to the Kleine Zeitung. They also received support from a crisis intervention team.

Witnesses are interviewed by the police Photo © Wilfried Rombold

11:20. The Steiermark Transport Council also speaks of a "Black day" Anton LangWith regard to the operation of the railroad crossings, he says: "In general, all Styrian rail nodes, together with the respective rail operator and technical expert of the country, which is the authority here, are carefully examined according to the criteria of the Federal Railway Transition Regulation and corresponding precautions shall be prescribed.

11:15. Video of the rescue and police operation after the tragic accident. The Grottenhofstraße in the Wetzelsdorf district is still closed, motorists have to avoid large scale.


11:11. Now there is also a statement from GKB for the disaster. There were 70 people on the train. The possible cause is in the GKB statement: "The The GKB traffic light system functioned flawlessly according to the current breakdownsIncidentally, the boardroom of the railway company is currently in Berlin at the international trade fair for transport technology "InnoTrans".

The whole statement >> read here <<

11:02. The Red Cross has one for victims of the accident in Graz Hotline under 14844 furnished.

10.37 hours. In the city politics of Graz, too, people show themselves "deeply shocked". mayor Siegfried Nagl But he still wants to speculate about the accident: "Because the first is to express the greatest sympathy for the wife and the family members of the deadly Busch driver, we hope and pray for those who have been seriously injured. also look forward to the aid organizations, who have helped quickly and efficiently at the scene of the accident. "

transport councilor Every Kahr pointed out that "the bus drivers, who have to let their operations go during these difficult hours, have been stopped by the Crisis Intervention Team being taken care of.

10.30 hours. The board of public buses Graz say to the tragic accident: "Our full sympathy goes to the family of our colleague who died in this terrible accident.Our staff of the Graz lines, all of us at the company Graz, mourn a committed, young woman, his deeply affected. "

10:26. The connection of the GKB route between Graz-Köflacherbahnhof and Straßgang will be interrupted until further notice. There is no rail replacement traffic.

10:21. "Two seriously injured women and one seriously injured man were brought to us by helicopter and according to doctors they are stable, but they still need to stay up to date intensive care ", says the spokesperson of the LKH University of Graz, Simone Pfandl-Pichler.

10.13 clock. On the railway crossing in the Grotto Hoferstraße Already in January 2017 there was an accident: then a police car and a train collided.

10.07 clock. It is this already third accident with a GKB train on a traffic-controlled level crossing in a month. Not only yesterday there was a collision with a car on a traffic-controlled level crossing in Köppling, but also on August 14, 2018. You can find the photo's here:

Click through the photo's of the mission!

Rainer Brinskelle

Rainer Brinskelle

Rainer Brinskelle

Rainer Brinskelle

Rainer Brinskelle

Rainer Brinskelle

Rainer Brinskelle

Rainer Brinskelle

Red Cross / Wilfried Svoboda

Red Cross / Wilfried Svoboda

Red Cross / Wilfried Svoboda

Red Cross / Wilfried Svoboda

10.01 clock. the Red Cross Tuesday morning with 65 forces to the site. First aid was provided by construction workerswho were active in the immediate vicinity of the railroad crossing and "immediately after a loud crash went to the scene of the accident."

09:55. New information from the police: in the accident According to the 34-year-old bus driver died, The number of injured was also corrected by the police eight passengers seriously injured and three more easily injured.

09:50. Just a day earlier, a collision with a car on the GKB rails had reached a railway crossing in St. Johann / Köppling. Brisant: in both cases the crossings were about one Red-light traffic light regulated. >> More here <<

09:33. According to the fire department seven bus passengers seriously injuredespecially those who stayed at the front of the bus. There are also two slightly injured. in the train – that after the collision derailed is – according to the first information there were no injuries.

9.31 clock. The police helicopter circles the scene of the accident.

09:28. Meanwhile, all the seriously wounded were delivered by the Red Cross and taken to the surrounding hospitals.

09:26. The crisis intervention team is also responsible for the care of passengers, wounded and family members.

Photo © Rombold

09:17. Dozens of emergency vehicles rushed to Graz Wetzelsdorf in the morning.

09:10. The press officer of the Red Cross, August Bäck, informs: "The current situation has brought all available emergency services together and we ask the public to understand that there are delays in routing nowadays."

9 o'clock, The rescue helicopter C12 is also in use and has now landed on the LUV sports field.

8.50 clock. The level crossing is usually controlled by a traffic light. How it came to the accident is still completely unclear at the moment.

8.40 clock. 17 rescue vehicles are on site.

8.40 clock. The articulated bus (line 33) went into the street and is now on a storage location next to the intersection. The side doors were torn away in the vehicle.

The train (S61) came to a halt 50 meters to the city.

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