New record: 22,885 visitors at Lhar Festival

New record: 22,885 visitors at Lhar Festival

Next year will be shown in Bad Ischl "In the White Rssl".

New record: 22,885 visitors at Léhar Festival

Susanna Hirschler and Sieglinde Feldhofer in The Flower of Hawaii Image: Lhar Festival Bad Ischl

The mayor of Bad Ischl, Hannes Heide, reported yesterday at a press conference about a new visitor record at the Lhar festival. Last season, with 22,885 visitors, the high expectations of the new director Thomas Enzinger far exceeded. Enzinger, who has been leading the festival for a year, is also pleased with the success. But for him this is no reason to rest. "The joy is great, but the responsibility also, there is always room for improvement." Although the card turnover has reached a turnover record of just under one million euros, but because the costs have increased and items have to be processed, the financial situation is still difficult. Enzinger called on sponsors to support the festival and called on sponsors to remain "stable partners". Art and culture are ultimately important components of society.

Enzingers Resmee for the individual pieces is almost euphoric. The great success of the 14 performances of "The Flower of Hawaii" with a capacity of 88.68 percent has proven that they also have the courage to show little known pieces. "The Land of Smiles," whose 16 performances reached 86.11 percent of the occupation, has shown that operettas offer room for "fantasy, glamor and desire," as well as criticism, "said Enzinger. .

Criticism and science

The mig card sale at "Sissi in Concert" (47.59 percent capacity) Enzinger takes the opportunity to better place the third festival production, which is "always something like a stepchild". The almost sold out, especially for Bad Ischl developed "rehabilitation with Lhar" was "critical biting" and "something very special" had been, as well as "Oops, now I come!". In addition, the festival offered children's events: "The Flower of Hawaii for Children" and "Etterepo", a workshop and participation program for young people. The same is still planned, as is the collaboration with the University of Salzburg, which dealt with a scientific symposium with the theme of "strangeness, migration, music theater & # 39; s.

There was also a concrete preview of the upcoming season yesterday. In addition to the crowd puller "In the White Rssl", which Enzinger wants to raise himself, Jacques Offenbach's "Paris Life" and Lhar "s" Clo-Clo "are on the program. Well-known actors such as Susanna Hirschler, Ramesh Nair, Roman Martin and Helga Papouschek have already agreed. Enzinger: "I want the best here." (Hw)

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