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The plans of the turquoise-blue federal government regarding the abolition of the 2012 decree, which (still) allows asylum seekers to strive for an internship in so-called shortage occupations, are considered to be advanced. At least, this is presumed by the opposition, who today strongly warned against the consequences of the reform in a hastily convened press conference.

The reason for this relatively surprising conference is information from the opposition, according to which the end of the training for asylum seekers could come this week.

Anschober calls reform "unbearable"

For the Green State Council and promoter Rudi Anschober, the implementation of the government project would be "unbearable". Anschober, who has been operating a popular internet platform for a long time, who is committed to the deportation of pupils and who also involve senior representatives of the ÖVP, now calls on Chancellor Sebastian Kurz to accept the case.

Anschober is also supported in his request by the former Minister of Education, Pamela Rendi-Wagner (SPÖ), and Chancellor Kurz once again recommends looking at the facts. Rendi-Wagner argued that the positive aspect of regular work would also help control post-traumatic conditions. By giving asylum seekers this option, they would be even more difficult to integrate.

List Mushroom and Neos also have doubts about reforms

Neos & # 39; customer and hotelier Sepp Schellhorn also sharply criticized the plans of the government to teach: "We have a huge shortage of skilled labor in Austria." The abolition of teaching asylum seekers without inheritance planning is heartless and brainless.

Everyone who teaches is willing to integrate! "Schellhorn fears that asylum seekers will voluntarily dissolve their learning relationships in Austria, in consultation with the teachers, in order to immerse them in the last consequence. De Schellhorn can escape four cases known from his personal environment.

In the same line, the member of the mushroom Alma Zadic list, which was strong for an implementation of the German "3 + 2 system". With this model, asylum seekers can take an internship of three years and even then they can not be deported for two years. In addition, the trained lawyer doubts that the plans of the government are compatible with EU legislation, because this asylum seeker would in any case guarantee access to the labor market after a certain time.

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