Police seeks dievenduo from Wörthersee – Carinthia

The Landespolizeidirektion Kärnten is looking for two trukives. The two are suspected of having committed various thefts. Eventually they would have made a deal in Velden.

Stolen brand watches

At 2.20 pm on Saturday afternoon (August 18) the duo had presented high-quality brand watches by the employees of a shop in Velden am Wörthersee (district of Villach). In the course of this presentation one of the men managed to exchange a men's wristwatch for an identical imitation of this watch. The theft was not noticed by the employees until two days later (20.8.) And immediately reported.

"In the course of the investigations conducted so far by officials of the police inspection, Velden and the state detective Carinthia showed that the two suspects from 14 to 18 August were in this company several times and each showed high-quality watches, "said the LPD Carinthia in one transmission. There is a suspicion that the thieves have scouted the crime scene and the stolen goods.

Also on an outrage abroad

The two suspects would have stolen high-quality brand watches in May and early August 2018 with the same trick in the Netherlands and Switzerland as well.

The police are now looking for photos from the security camera for help from the population (see slide show). The two suspects would have spent several days in the area between Wörthersee and Villach.

Person Description:

1st person: about 30 to 40 years old, about 180 cm long, three days beard, dark short hair, is usually dressed in jeans and a shirt and wears a shoulder bag.

2nd person: about 45 to 50 years old, about 190 cm long, wearing a praying mantis and goatee, usually dressed in leisure trousers and shirts in different colors.

Both men speak German well, but with an accent.

Hints and observations like at the State Office for criminal law inspection Carinthia, tel: 059133 – 20 -3333, or at a police station.

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