Rental rates flat on Airbnb – Rauswurf – Salzburg

In the city of Mozart a 70 m² apartment was offered for holidaymakers as accommodation. This is a building of the non-profit Salzburger Wohnbaugesellschaften (GSWB). The landlord: recipient of the social service. By offering the apartment on Airbnb, he could earn a lot of pocket money. The whole is anything but legal.

Moreover, the 78-year-old should not live in the apartment at all. Only at the beginning of the month would he receive his services in Salzburg in cash. Then he would probably go to Serbia. However, without residence in Austria, he is not entitled to social benefits, according to Salzburg police in a press release.

No confession

For four years, the Serb had rented the social housing. That is now over. The lease was terminated with immediate effect. The pensioner should no longer receive the minimum income.

The damage already caused by the fraud is in the range of five digits. The 78-year-old does not show up. He has been reported to the Public Prosecutor for serious fraud.

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