Sad: disabled for Kasperl and Pezi in the Urania culture

Only in April 2019 there is "Krawuzikapuzi!" in the Viennese Urania. The Puppenbühne closes its doors, as theater director Manfred Müller announced on Facebook on Sunday evening.


Did you visit the puppet theater in Urania?

The fast-70-year-old retires and has – because he could not find a successor – the Kasperl and the Pezi to retire.

"28 April 2019 will be a bit of a sad day", writes Müller: "It will be the last day that Kasperl and Pezi play for you."

End of the puppet theater

Kasperl and Pezi will also give up all other "fairy-tale city dwellers". The entire puppet theater is closed. Müller could not find a commercial successor.

Use until the last

"One eye full of tears and the other full of laughter," Müller writes. He promises: "Until the last day of play, we all want to have fun and enjoy every performance."

Steeped in history

Kasperl in Urania entered the puppet theater for the first time more than 68 years ago. Since then he has made more than four million visitors enthusiastic and he was also on YouTube. The puppeteers brought more than 460 hand puppets to life in about 280 sets.

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