Social responsibility of the business owners for KIKA employees is required

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22 Aug.


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KIKA employees participated. LH Kaiser, Schaunig, mayor Pirih: representatives of the social partners, industry and politics discuss necessary measures for employees – Labor Foundation must be part of a social plan

After the announcement last Thursday by the Signa Retail Group to close the KIKA office in Spittal an der Drau and to terminate 60 employees, today a round table was held at the invitation of Spittal & # 39; s burgomaster Gerhard Pirih Gaby Schaunig Andreas Unterrieder (ÖGB regional secretary), Adolf Lackner, Andreas Gaggl (AK Spittal), Rudolf Oberlojer (Spittal World Cup), Johann Oberlerchner (AMS Spittal), Günther Granegger (trade union of private workers) and Michaela Aichholzer (works council) KIKA) Participated.

The unanimous vote of all participants was to appeal to the owner to clarify employees as quickly as possible and to take social responsibility for the strategic closure of operations.

All participants are in favor of the rapid preparation of a suitable social plan, which must also include foundation measures. Organisationally, the foundations can be executed immediately by the AMS and Land Kärnten, the costs for the company are in the order of € 10,000 per employee for training measures, the foundation unemployment benefit for the life insurance is borne by the AMS.

Bgm Pirih and the representatives of the city point out that the employees have done valuable work for the company for decades and have now earned at least a corresponding financial security.

"The loss of these jobs shows once again how important labor market measures and institutions such as public employment services are in this situation to provide help as soon as possible and to help them get back to work as quickly as possible," says Kaiser and Schaunig.
"Planned financial cuts by the federal government in the field of labor market services are counterproductive and deprive people of the hope of quick help," Kaiser said, in this regard, about the federal government this year by the turnaround action 20,000 halted and the current discussions about a drastic reduction in the budget reminded of the AMS.

"On the part of the province of Carinthia, we will work together with the AMS to help the people affected by the loss of their job, whether through further recruitment, retraining and / or further training", says labor market specialist Schaunig.

The next step is to wait for the results of the negotiations on the social plan, which are being conducted by the relevant trade union GPA-DJP and the Works Council.

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