Songbook affair: preliminary research halted

The public prosecutor Wiener Neustadt has the preparatory procedure because of § 3g Prohibition Act 1947 against four persons who were responsible for the compilation and illustration of the confiscated songbooks of brotherhood "Germania" set. The prosecution referred on Friday to the date of publication and issuance of restrictions in 1997.

"Lack of existing evidence for a propagandistic reproduction of the penal-relevant passages in the circle of members of the" Pennalen-fraternity Germania Wiener Neustadt & # 39; and because of the fact that despite a chemical analysis, the time of turning black of accused text passages in the songbooks is no longer exact and therefore one Evidence of forgery regarding the preliminary investigation could not be established with the required security for the criminal proceedings, the investigation against unknown perpetrators was suspended for reasons of evidence §§ 3g Prohibition Act 1947 and § 293 Abs 1 StGB, "the prosecutor continued.

The Prosecution also pointed out Friday that Udo Landbauer, FPÖ & # 39; s top candidate in the election of the state of Lower Austria in January, was in the preliminary investigation against those who were responsible for the compilation and illustration of the edition of the songbook " as a witness ". "From the side of the Jewish community, Vienna appealed to him in connection with this & # 39; Liederbuchaffäre & # 39; also an advertisement for suspicion of § 3g Prohibition Act 1947, but this was lacking in the absence of an appropriate first suspicion of initiating of a preliminary investigation under § 35c StAG.

Affair shortly before the state election

The affair was announced shortly before the election of the N-Austrian state in January. In the course of a search of the song "Germania", books with partly blackened passages were protected. The following investigations were directed against four suspects, who were responsible for the newly released songbook from 1997 with Nazi-glorifying content.

Due to the affair Udo Landbauer, the top candidate of the FPÖ, resigned immediately after the elections. He resigned all political positions and also turned away from the Germania. As part of the investigation, he was – as emphasized by the public prosecutor – led as a witness.

Now Landbauer's comeback is probably coming soon. The Lower Austrian FPÖ boss Walter Rosenkranz recently stated that for him a return of the 32-year-olds in the policy is only logical. The listener who first participated in the state election could soon form the "top of the state club", said the party leader in conversation with the "NÖN".

As a condition for a return farmer named Rosenkranz that the criminal case in the Causa Nazi songbook of the "Germania" has been fully completed, which is now the case with the announcement of the prosecutor Wiener Neustadt on Friday. On the side of the Freedom Party, at the State Parties' conference at the end of June, it was emphasized that the door for the return of the farmer was "open to grace". For the party chairman, the 32-year-old is an "exception".

Rosary: ​​Landbauer is open to return

With the termination of the investigation procedure in the "songbook affair" Udo Landbauer goes back to politics, said FPÖ land party chairman Walter Rosenkranz on Friday at the APA. He would be happy with a comeback, especially because the 32-year-old was "indispensable" from his point of view "for the FPÖ Lower Austria".

If the leading candidate-lans director decides to return to the state price in January 2018, the national group will "go for it" as a technically expired Rosenkranz. That could be the case in just a few days.

The prime minister of the state sees "an odyssey left" for farmers. The 32-year-old was still intact, nothing could blame him.

He was always clear that Landbauer had nothing to do with the "songbook affair", said FPÖ Secretary General Christian Hafenecker. Now the "time has come", in which the previous mandate "must be fully restored". If and when farmers return to politics, "he decides himself". Hafenecker, who is still in office as party leader-secretary of the Lower Austrian FPÖ, would in any case "make a comeback" of Wiener Neustädters.

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