"Spa caller" launched big ring of the police of Vienna

"Spa caller" launched big ring of the police of Vienna

VIENNA.A 45-year-old from Vienna-Favoriten was triggered on Sunday evening with two suspected spa calls & # 39 ;, a large-scale operation by the police. Because he made hasty explanations for the emergency call, suggesting that a human life was in danger, 24 police officers returned.

The fact that the abuse of emergency numbers is not a "spa", he immediately learned: the man was shown according to the Emergency Sign Act. Shortly before 8.00 pm the 45-year-old initially reported a dispute with one of his neighbors. Background can be a lengthy dispute u.a. be noisy. "But local officials found no grounds for police interventions," said police spokesman Harald Srs. The man must have sustained the man sustainably. Around 45.45 the 45-year-old contacted the emergency call for rescue. This time he stated that his neighbor wanted to injure himself with a knife or a pistol.

The police raced with a big bid for Favoriten: seven district patrol cars, four patrols of the special unit WEGA and a unit of the police dog left. On the spot, it appeared that the information provided by the caller had been wrong. The completely surprised and shocked neighbor opened the door to WEGA and had to prove that he had no weapon at all.

The 45-year-old initially sought apologies, not with a cell phone and attributed the phone number used to the device of a daughter abroad. "Only with repeated urgent questions did he admit that he had made both emergency calls and passed on the false information," said the police spokesman.

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