Storks leaves Burgenland «

Peace. Nowadays, a natural spectacle is repeated in Burgenland, which can be observed every year at this time: the storks prepare for their great journey to the south, according to Rudi Karassowitsch of the Ruster Storchenverein. A few preparations for the last flight, then the birds go to Africa, reports the ORF.

"14 days before the storks fly away, they gather in a pasture every evening between 16.00 and 20.00.This is a little talk, during the day they circle around the city, do their flying exercises and try out the thermals. extremely important for the storks, "Karassowitsch explained.

The stork year 2018 is coming to an end. The observers in Burgenland draw a positive balance. "The year of the storks this year was very good for the storks in Rust, we had 21 breeding pairs and 40 young storks.We did not have a breakdown this year," Karassowitsch said in an interview with the ORF.

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