The 38-year-old Linzer died after a serious accident

The 38-year-old Linzer died after a serious accident

Schiedlberg. After a collision between two cars on Sunday afternoon in Schiedlberg (district Steyr-Land) a 38-year-old Linzer died in the hospital.


The accident had occurred as reported shortly before 5 pm at the intersection of Sierninger street with the Matzelsdorfer road. A 19-year-old motorist from Linz wanted to overtake the car of a 63-year-old from the Steyr-Land district, although he wanted to turn it down. According to the Linzers, he had initially not seen that the 63-year-old flashed and continued to overtake despite the barrier line and warning signs. When he noticed the flash, it was too late.

The two car's collapsed together, the 19-year-old car hit a pylon, was thrown into the field next to the road, turned a number of times and stopped on the roof after about 40 meters. 38-year-old Linzer, who had been in the back seat and was not wearing a seat belt, may have been thrown out of the vehicle and seriously injured. The rescue troops still tried to resuscitate him on his way to the LKH Steyr. But there, at 5.45 pm, only the death of the man could be determined.

The 19-year-old motorist remained unharmed, as did his 25-year-old passenger and a 16-year-old, who also sat in the backseat. Also the 63-year-old driver of the second car and his two daughters who traveled with him, according to their own information, no injuries.

The crossroad is also called "Death Crossing" because many accidents have happened at the moment.

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