"This is an international flagship project"

"This is an international flagship project"

GMUNDEN. European office manager Tobias Gotthardt from Bavaria visited Gmunden to see the Traunsee tram

Tobias Gotthardt (left) Image: private

Coming weekend the Traunsee tram in Gmunden will be taken into use. But already the project meets international interest. Last week, the candidate commissioner of the Regensburg parliament and the EU office manager visited the district city Tobias Gotthardt (Free voters) in Brussels to be shown by the Wolfgang Sageder (SPÖ) member of the Traunsee tram. "I wanted to see the project for myself because this initiative is seen internationally as a lighthouse project," Gotthardt said.

In the politician's place of residence, interest in new regional tram connections is growing as an antidote to traffic jams. The original tram in Regensburg was in the sixties (according to the zeitgeist). Christa Holzinger of Stern & Hafferl and Transport Council Sageder informed the Germans extensively about the transport policy and the technical conditions of the Gmundner railway project.

The trio agreed to keep in touch. A subsequent visit to Regensburg is planned. (Ebra)

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