Total ban on eating in all subways

Vienna. Since yesterday it has been confirmed: from 1 September it can no longer be eaten in the U6. "We want to make public transport even more attractive for our passengers," Transport Councilor Ulli Sima (SPÖ) said. From 15 January 2019 the ban will then apply to the entire metro network. "We will extend the ban on food on all metro lines and introduce a general ban on eating," Sima said.

The main argument: the Viennese lines had to vote and received a clear yes against the proposed ban (see above right). An important argument is also mentioned about odor nuisance and pollution. Berlin, Hamburg or Singapore also mention prominent role models, where similar prohibitions already apply – all behind Vienna in the ranking of the most livable cities. The reactions to it are mixed.

Bim and Bus are currently unaffected

Expansion. Sima did not want to exclude that the new ban on eating is being extended to Bim and Bus. They first want to wait for the experience. New icons should indicate this (see links). A prohibition list does not exist; everything is forbidden. However, children will not be sweetened, it is for sure.

The new eating ban goes much further than originally planned – in fact, only very odor-intensive foods such as kebab, pizza or pasta should be influenced. But in an online survey more than half claimed a general ban, 28,431 out of 51,216 people voted for it. Even more than two thirds (33,484) for a ban on fast food, even more for a ban on all lines (37,453).

sanctions. For the time being, Sima and Wiener-Linien boss Günter Steinbauer did not sign the sentence yesterday. It is unclear whether punishment will ever be levied. "That depends on the experiences we have with the ban," says Sima. For the time being, people rely on admonitions and insights from the passengers.

The rules of the game: this is now prohibited

rules. The new ban is easy to explain: Essen is prohibited from 1 September, from 15 January in all metro lines in Vienna – with no exceptions. Smoking and alcoholic beverages were already prohibited and alcoholic beverages are permitted. In answer to AUSTRIA's question, the Wiener Linien insists that they want to act "with a sense of proportion". You would not take the cookie from a child. Also for health reasons one will "take into account", for example with diabetics.

"Verboteritis is terrifying for my balls"

Celebrities such as Rudi Fussi or Joesi Prokopetz were provocative criticism on Twitter. Fussi about the abundance of bans is going scary on the eggs & # 39 ;.

The users were split: "Well, it smells like people" was a negative reaction. However, the ban was also welcomed.

Politically speaking, the Viennese Neos reacted by "again attacking the freedom of the citizens and severely restricting them", criticizing the appointed club leader Christoph Back by post.

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