Traffikants may sell "Coffee to go" in the future

Traffikants may sell "Coffee to go" in the future

VIENNA. From September, national tobacco shops compete with coffee houses; they are angry.

Trafikanten can in the future

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A dispute starts between local tobacco shops and coffee farmers: from 1 September, Trafikanten can also sell coffee to go in Austria. This innovation is regulated by the supplementary catalog that is included in the law.

The catalog indicates which products, apart from classic tobacco and magazine articles, can also be offered in a tobacco shop, such as parking tickets, vouchers for mobile phones or souvenirs. From 1 September, this list will be extended with "coffee and other non-alcoholic hot drinks prepared for take-away in the tobacco shop". Chilled drinks can already be offered in tobacco shops.

The "coffee to go" can be bottled in neutral or with the "My Trafik" logo provided with cups. Customers can also bring their own ships. Traffikants may decide the price themselves. Stand or seating and a "gourmet appearance" are not allowed.

The coffee houses respond with criticism of this measure. "For many espresso coffee shops, stand-up cafés and Beisln, the coffee to take away is an important source of income, hurting every small business," says Wolfgang Binder, president of the Viennese Kaffeehausbetriebe. Moreover, the agreement was not discussed with the industry. "It is as if I am negotiating with lotteries about selling tickets in the future," says Binder.

In addition, the question arises whether even Trafikanten should meet the hygiene requirements as in the hospitality industry. Binder calls for renewed conversations to come to a common solution.

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