Tragedy in DSDS Hotel: Loosing Tablets Drama?

Vienna. After the tragedy in a hotel in Favoriten, in which a 25-year-old from Düsseldorf had to be strangled with a bathrobe belt by her friend (31), more guesswork prevails in the background.

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Medicines. While AUSTRIA learned from a well-informed source, suspect Jenni Z. (31) is the culprit of the death drama about the pharmaceutical industry. Because at the time of the crime, the 31-year-old had possibly been under the influence of strong tablets. In addition, she should have been treated at the hospital the day before. "I was not myself," Z said to her star lawyer Liane Hirschbrich.

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Engaged. As mentioned, a night of love in the hotel, in which at the same time the casting for "Germany the superstar seeks" took place, escalated. Z. came to the reception and said that her friend Sarah D., with whom she was reportedly already engaged, did not feel well. Sarah & # 39; s body was discovered in the room. "My client is bad, but it is important for her to determine that she was not mentally ill or confused during the interrogation," said Hirschbrich, who asked for medical expertise. It is the assumption of innocence.

U-Haft for friend requested

After the violent death of a German in a hotel room in Vienna-Favoriten, the Vienna Public Prosecution Service filed a request for provisional detention to her 31-year-old Viennese partner. The woman was admitted after her confession to the detectives of the state police, late on Sunday evening in the Vienna regional court.

"She has been with us since yesterday, 8:50 pm," evening, "Judge spokesperson Christina Salzborn confirmed on Monday. Until Tuesday evening, a magistrate now has time to decide on the imposition of pre-trial detention. In cases of suspected murder, this is usually a formal act.

Both were living in Vienna

The couple – both women each had their own home in Vienna – had checked in only one night in the hotel on Friday evening. The next morning, the 31-year-old came to the reception and asked for help because her friend did not feel well. The receptionist started the rescue chain while the woman went back to her room.

Dead body found in the bedroom

Police officers found the body of the 25-year-old in the bedroom of the two-day visitors. The dead woman lay on the floor, a blanket was pulled over them, said the police spokesman. The autopsy showed that the woman from the vicinity of Düsseldorf had been strangled. The belt of a bathrobe in the hotel room was probably used as a tool. More detailed information should lead to further pathological research.

The interrogations of the 31-year-olds were very difficult because of the psychological state of the suspects. She clearly did not speak until her defender stood beside her. She could not call a real motive for the deed. Only so much: according to reports, she would have spoken about pharmaceutical companies that conspired against her.

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