Wervel around law on political Islam & # 39;

On Thursday the Islamic religious community (IGGÖ) showed the announcement of the FPÖ to develop an "extreme Islamic" law against "political Islam". "The fear is clear that the current law announcement is ultimately only misused to stigmatize Muslim fellow citizens in Austria," said IGGÖ President Ibrahim Olgun.

The president also complained in a statement that the religious community had not been contacted: "Up to now there have been no discussions with the IGG … We have heard of the newspaper just like all other Muslims living in Austria. the proposed legislation. "

Olgun: There is a vote against Muslims

Even exactly what is meant by the term "political Islam & # 39; is until now apparently a state secret & # 39 ;. Even the FPÖ as initiator could not or would not give more detailed information, "says Olgun. "The term political Islam, without concretizing what is really meant by it, is evoked by populist political movements and deliberately misused to form moods against Muslims." We should not allow this as a society as a whole, "said the President

One can not deny the impression that & # 39; the debate about & # 39; political Islam & # 39; – whatever the government understands , because it apparently does not know this – serves as a proxy debate and a diversionary maneuver for other political areas. First of all, it's all about creating a general anti-Muslim sentiment, "speculates Olgun. Muslims are "increasingly portrayed as scapegoats". Instead of executing "fog grenades against political illusory constructions", IGGÖ invites the federal government to work together to "fight any form of extremism and radicalism."

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