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ViennaOn Tuesday morning SPÖ president Christian Kern contacted the leaders of the Social Democratic party: there was something important to discuss in Vienna in the evening. The appointment itself was planned a few weeks ago. Kern told the regional party chefs that he intended to retire as head of the federal party and become the SPÖ's main candidate in the upcoming EU elections. These were somewhat astonished if this changed two and a half weeks before the planned federal party convention. Kern had not previously agreed with party committees on the decision to become the top candidate in the elections in May.

The leaders of the SPÖ met on Tuesday evening at the Renner Institute to discuss the future party leadership. In two and a half weeks a big party conference had to take place in Wels, but this has been canceled. The SPÖ will clarify the leadership issue this year, Chief Executive Max Lercher said on the sidelines of the meeting. The new chairman will probably be elected at the end of November.

At the late party congress, the list of candidates of the Social Democrats for the European elections will be determined. It is unanimously welcomed that Kern is available for the first place – said Lercher. The SPÖ also supported Kern's plan for the top candidate for the European Social Democrats. Anyway, on Wednesday, when the EU summit in Salzburg begins, Kern meets with the Social Democratic leaders and party leaders of the EU.

Nobody was willing to give a word after the session of the other SPÖ prominents. Only the mayor of Vienna, Michael Ludwig, reported on the "very good" vote. All other top representatives rushed to the waiting journalists. Even the outgoing party leader Kern left it with a "good evening" greeting. The SPÖ committees will discuss the further procedure on Wednesday morning. The SPÖ office will meet at 10 o'clock, the board from 12 o'clock in the parliamentary club

Christian Kern: Ex – & # 39; & # 39; Slim Fit Chancellor & # 39; & # 39; with a future in the European Parliament

It was a difficult day for the SPÖ, because there was a long time uncertainty about the future of Kern in the party. Doris Bures was chairman of the BVT-U committee that day. She did not return from the break after the morning examination. When the & # 39; Presse & # 39; and the & # 39; Kronen Zeitung & # 39; in the afternoon reported that Christian Kern was about to resign, he broke out at the SPO members. A moment later, there was a crisis meeting of the employees in the Löwelstraße.

At six o'clock Christian Kern went to the press himself and told us first what had happened in recent months. The party has a new program, the organization is being reorganized, the reorganization of the finances on schedule. Mission accomplished, so to speak. Then he turned to Europe, his passion for it. And then let him know that he intends to become the SPÖ's most important candidate for the EU elections. After that he will resign as party chairman.

Two and a half weeks before the party congress

Kern should have been re-elected to the party convention, which has since been postponed. And the new party program for which he is responsible is decided. Kern was sitting in the saddle last in the party. And the polling numbers of the SPÖ were also the last ones to be lifted. And not only in the published media, but also in the internal parties. Not only in that of the SPÖ, but also in that of the ÖVP.

Who then leads the SPÖ? If Doris Bures wants, then Doris Bures. She would follow with her only the woman who once denied the ÖBB CEO Christian Kern the suitability for the SPÖ presidency. However, Bures wants to become the presidential candidate of the SPÖ.

The governor of Carinthia, Peter Kaiser, has already announced that he does not intend to move to Vienna and to take over the office of Kern. He said in a broadcast, however, "undiminished support" for the EU elections.

Hans Peter Doskozil, who was repeatedly mentioned as an alternative to Kern, also preferred to be chosen for it: Governor of Burgenland.

Drozda, Rendi-Wagner

Another candidate who is popular in parts of the SPÖ, especially in the left-wing liberal wing, is former Chancellor Thomas Drozda. This is where Pamela Rendi-Wagner, the former Minister of Health, has her followers. At Drozda the question is whether he is sufficiently broad enough, the type of continuation of the core course. Rendi-Wagner has no domestic power in the party and may not radiate much beyond the urban, left-liberal segment.

At a glance

Christian Kern was announced Tuesday as the best candidate for the SPÖ in the European elections in May 2019. At the latest after these elections he will resign as SPÖ-Bundesparteichef, announced on Tuesday evening in a personal statement in the party headquarters in the Vienna Löwelstraße. With this announcement, Kern not only surprised the audience, but also the party friends. Last night a dinner was scheduled in Vienna with the chefs of the country, where Christian Kern wanted to announce his decision. But the first rumors about a dismissal were Tuesday shortly after 2 pm.


The SPÖ delegation leader in the European Parliament, Evelyn Regner, welcomes Kern's decision to be the best candidate in the EU elections. "A great message from Vienna – Christian Kern is a great European and represents a modern social democracy, with whom the SPÖ is a strong candidate", said Regner on Tuesday about the APA. "Our common goal is not to let Europe go to the corporations," said Regner. Regner did not want to comment on the announced discharge nucleus as SPÖ party leader.

Deputy Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache (FPÖ) sees the decision of SPÖ leader Kern to resign in installments after the European elections to give the party presidency. "An EU top candidate Kern is really a bizarre surprise," said the FPÖ president on Tuesday in the margins of his visit to Azerbaijan.


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