Will Maria Vassilakou announce her resignation today?

The deputy mayor of Vienna, Maria Vassilakou, clearly defined her political future. The Greens announced a "personal statement" on Sunday afternoon. It is assumed that she will not run for the Vienna Election 2020. Vassilakou has recently been criticized more and more internally. There are already several applicants for the first list.

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Putsch by Ellensohn

The vice mayor is not undisputed in her own party. David Ellensohn, who already made his candidacy public, grabbed Vassilakou at Fellner! LIVE rough. The 55-year-old does not expect a party from his party friend. "I assume Mary is not running, I think she is tired of this brutally tough job." And he made another sensational announcement, assuming that Vassilakou volunteered after the early election of the next top candidate. Towel throws: "Whoever leads us to the next election must also immediately take the most important position (referred to as: the vice- mayor, Red.) There can be no number 1A and a number 1B.

Vassilakou remained cool

However, the deputy mayor was not provoked by Ellensohn's attacks. She informed Austria by SMS at the end of August that she wanted to say "nothing" about her dismissal. "I will surf to the surface in a few days." And to the question of whether she was submerged: "Greetings from the yellow submarine!"

Whether Vassilakou now appears with a retirement announcement, you see in a special broadcast on oe24.TV.

Will Vassilakou no longer?

Maria Vassilakou has not made a definitive statement yet whether she will give up her candid candidacy as the green top candidate by the end of the application deadline on Tuesday. But all the connoisseurs of the green front woman say: "It's enough, she does not want anymore."

Indeed, it struck her that her opponent, David Ellensohn, had announced in full interviews on oe24.TV that gave the deputy mayor the courage.

The Greens boss wants to prevent Ellensohn

Club chairman David Ellensohn, who himself competes against Vassilakou & # 39; s "foster son" and former vice office manager Peter Kraus, brought them to the fire: "I speak for myself", Vassilakou in AUSTRIA blasted last.

Internally she has now announced that she has one main goal: to prevent Ellensohn.

Vassilakous Familiar choir leader helps Kraus

Because even alderman Christoph Chorherr, one of Vassilakou's close associates, has officially moved to the camp of the proponents of "Green Andersrum" Peter Kraus, it is clear: instead of preparing for their own candidacy, the green front woman for Kraus to prepare the field, And that should not be so easy: Ellensohn has the whole green Fundi-group behind Peter Margulies behind him.

Vassilakou, for his part, has seriously saddened some serious traditional greenery as the head of inner city Alexander Hirschenhauser with their course to Heumarkt.

Whether she herself is active in the ring or in the background in the campaign for Kraus in the post vote for the green main candidate in November is therefore open – it just seems to be true that Vassilakou no longer participates.

Still little going on

Apart from a few journalists waiting for the press conference, little happens on the ground. No one has ever been bolded out of the Greens.

The future of the city government is at stake

Today it is also about the future of red green in Vienna. If Vassilakou actually supports, the match for the green point between Peter Kraus and David Ellensohn will be released. Kraus wants to fight for the continuation of red-green, Ellensohn stands for a "fundi-course", which would mean the end of red-green.

Since 2010 deputy mayor

Vassilakou has been deputy mayor of Vienna since November 2010 and is also a municipal councilor for urban development, transport, climate protection, energy planning and citizen participation. During their time, among other things, the annual ticket of Wiener Linien was introduced for 365 euros and the traffic calmed down the Mariahilfer road.

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