XXXLutz and DMB celebrate the family Putz »Leadersnet for 20 years

XXXLutz and DMB celebrate the family Putz »Leadersnet for 20 years

Birthday for the most famous advertising family of Austria.

The bureau Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann celebrates two decades of advertising history together with the Putz family: for a special occasion, the expert and interior designer invites a parodic look behind the scenes, with the Putz family taking their own shovel. True to the motto "How to Advertise," fans and critics of the famous XXXLutz campaigns should be approached by the new campaign, which is implemented in classic TV and radio, online pre-roll and supporting social media measures.

For 20 years, the furniture giant has been promoting the characteristic and polarizing family Putz. Soap-like advertisement has gained a high degree of popularity, but not everyone likes the ads series sympathetically: the new campaign is not only a broader target group approach, but also to smile for stubborn opponents of the Putz family:

"XXXLutz, after nearly 20 years with the Putz family, humorous and self-deprecatingly self-styled under the slogan" This is how you advertise ", recording the split image of the Putz family in the population.Ads," explains Thomas Saliger , spokesperson for the XXXLutz group company in Austria about the campaign.

DMB invented Putz family

The advertising family Putz originated from a creative idea from the advertising agency DMB, which in 2004 was awarded the Staatsprijs Marketing. In the meantime, the makers can look back on a large number of joint campaigns, while in the short term they also made current events in the action of the various advertising campaigns: in 2017, for example, the politician masks the campaign during the National Council elections that were made for a humorous look on the election campaign. The integrated 360 ° campaign at the time was a media independent idea that led to digital success: the XXXLutz election song received more than a million clicks and became the most successful YouTube promotional video of 2017. The song has been downloaded more than 24,000 times and the politician masks it The illustrated caricatures of the artist Gerald Koller were used in Austria because of their popularity.

"Within the framework of this unique collaboration, the customer and the agency made XXXLutz the most famous furniture chain in Austria", said Mariusz Jan Demner on the occasion of the anniversary. (Red)

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