All the keynote rumors of the week in check 7 years Tim Cook: Why did Steve Jobs want him? – # apple fun 56

News and rumors: August 25, 2018, lukas

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The apple-chuck # 56 is all about rumors again. And the Apple Keynote is approaching, where new iPhones, iPads and Macs are expected. Roman and Lukas check the latest rumors this week. And of course they have a lot to tell. It was a hilarious edition with a reason! But listen for yourself, thanks for your loyal audience.

The apple chuck # 56 is about:

  • 00:00:00: Your e-mails: Apple Pay, Apple Watch search and cruise
  • 00:14:17: Keynote Rumors: iPhone Event Appointed, iPhone xx Emerges, iPad Smart Case Leak, Mac Mini Pro version and more
  • 00:37:10: Platform Comparison: An exciting statistic of why iOS users switch to Android. And vice versa
  • 00:43:43: 7 years Tim Cook: 7 years ago, Steve Jobs announced his resignation. How suitable is Tim Cook today? And what does Tesla have to do with it?

Listen to an Apple chat

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The Apple chat and you!

They are the most important part of the Apple chat. It does not only sound good, it is true. Without you, we would have stopped at the latest after two months. But with listeners everything is more fun. Therefore: what do you like? Or do you have feedback? What do you think about the topics of the last episode? We will be happy to read your opinion and your e-mails later if you wish.

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In that sense: lots of fun and a good conversation with the apple wind # 56.

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