Amazon Game Studios presents The Grand Tour Game

(NASDAQ: AMZN) announced today that Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond
and James May the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with fast laps and
Change evasive maneuvers, and this in The Grand Tour Game, a
episodic racing game based on the successful original Prime series the
Grand Tour
is based, The game created by Amazon Game Studios, the
Grand Tour game
, put the players in exotic places, where they
allowed to drive the world's biggest racing cars & the madman
Challenges of the show can participate. During season 3 of the show
are weekly new episodes of The Grand Tour gameadded
around the race cars, places and surprises of the weekly
Follow episodes. For more information, go to

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the The Grand Tour game put the players at the wheel of the car
from season 3 and brings them to the famous places where hosts live
visit this season, including the famous one
Eboladrom test track from The Grand Tour, The seamless transitions
from the show to the game plus hours with the original voices of
Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May make sure that in the the
Grand Tour
game the humor and humor known for the show
Exchange of words will not be neglected.

"It's a video game about me – I'm the one who builds accidents
and the slowest. That's all you need to know, "said Jeremy
Clarkson. "If you always wanted to be an ashes with us, do it
this is the best chance. Except that you kidnap James and steal his
Face. "

"If you ever wanted to do my job, this is your chance," he said
James May, "of course not in reality, but in the game, so late
Please leave my desk drawers alone. "

"I live in isolation in the countryside, so everything is mine
impressed by what is powered by electricity, "said Richard Hammond.
"But I have to admit that this game is really great,
especially the split screen with four players. "

in the The Grand Tour Game, Players can not just follow
Follow heroes, but also races and challenges
against each other. The Grand Tour game offers one
Split screen for four players, so players can play against each other
– and personally throw their best insults in the head
can. Funny power-ups such as "high tea", where scattered cups and
Plate the tires burst, and "More Horsepowers" that you
leave the competition behind in the dust, do the action
unpredictable and demand extreme attention from the racers.

"Then The Grand Tour it's about fast cars and incredibly
Stunts, but also camaraderie, "said Craig Sullivan, Creative
Director at Amazon Game Studios. "We want the spirit of the show
to play authentically: with cars, verbal quarrel with friends and (vor
everything) with friendly competition. "The customer review has been automatically translated from German.

The Grand Tour game is a creation of Amazon Game Studios,
Seattle. The game is made with Amazon Game Tech,
including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Amazon Lumberyard.
For more information about Amazon Game Tech, visit

The Grand Tour is a Prime Original for Prime Video. the
Executive Producer is Andy Wilman.

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