Arena of Valor does not require a Nintendo Switch online subscription to play online

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Appears in September Arena of Valor on the Nintendo Switch and you get the chance to play online with five other players. In addition, in September, the Nintendo Switch online servicewithout which it will not be possible to play games such as Splatoon 2 or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Online.

Now you could guess that Arena or Valor can not be played online, but it is not confirmed. Even if you have not yet completed a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, you still have the option to play MOBA Online. This fact confirms this one more theorythat has recently become notorious. The theory is that all free online games such as Fortnite, Paladins or even Arena or Valor can still be played online, even if no Nintendo Switch Online subscription is complete.

Do you complete an online Nintendo Switch subscription or do you come without?

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