Assassin & # 39; s Creed Odyssey from Ubisoft in the example of the Gamescom

At Gamescom in Cologne we could play the new Assassin & # 39; sCreedOdyssey. And there are really new ways: Because Odyssey is a constant challenge.

Here I am on the beautifully staged Greek island. "Odyssey" looks even better than the "Origins" from last yearAnd when the sunlight reflects in the water, it looks so real and idyllic that I'm almost on vacation. But there is something to do there. A woman is accused of provoking evil in the village. I can not allow that as Cassandra. I chose the female figure because she looks a little cooler than the male counterpart Alexios.

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Okay, we climb a mountain, get involved in the tribunal and fight. The developer of Ubisoft had previously said that we play with level 50 characters. I only listened with one ear. After all, I am the Assassin & # 39; s Creed veteran. And then level 50? This is going to be a walk. And that is exactly what it will not be.

The key assignment on the controller does not really differ from its predecessor. So you are quickly at home. But the opponents developed: at the AI, Ubisoft became concise. Enemies are more aggressive and penetrating than their predecessors. The archers partially refuse to stop as a grouse, but change position after each shooting arrow. And once you have defeated the first wave, it takes just less than a minute for more enemies to arrive. And a hoppy bounty hunter, who is chasing us.

To do that, you must use all the skills that the character offers: destructive special attacks with simultaneous pressure on both shoulder buttons – when the power is charged. Then you can use the L1 button to remove a few tricks from the tunic as flame sieves – that do not burn as long as hoped for.

Of course there is the "Spartan Kick" from the movie 300. Or I can heal Kassandra. And I often do that. Especially in the blocking of attacks the figure reacts a bit delayed. So I'm not always able to fend off attacks. Since Ubisoft has improved slightly until the release in October. For that I constantly evade – and still die. Five times I had to beat myself by the start of the Gamescom level to get further.

I look left and right: the colleagues do not seem to go any different. So I am not only that bad. The days are over when Assassin & # 39; s Creed can be accused of being a shallow action adventure. It challenges the player. But it is all the better if every attempt is more successful.

The gods must be crazy!

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After that it goes on with the main mission: the rescued woman simply wanted to save her beloved, who disappeared in the cemetery. Fog goes through the graves and forests. This looks very atmospheric and scary. Step by step we encounter more and more lifelike images of soldiers who have fled for fear. Of course, they are not images: they are people who turn to stone. Is it calling? Greek mythology? Yes, it's about Medusa. The one with the snakes instead of hair, which makes people stare at stone with their eyes.

We follow the path and eventually land in front of a mausoleum or grave. Our companion is afraid. Behind it is a monster to live. She begs and begs us to help her-to save her lover. Yes, there are heroes for that. To get into the grave, it tells the rescued woman, we need a key. She even knows where to find it. Or we ask a mercenary soldier who once fought the monster in the grave and has a special spear.

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Depending on what you choose, it ends in a fury with the mercenary soldier who does not want to push the spear out as easily. Or you test the ship fight: Ramming enemies, then you go long and the archers work on the opponents – until you can board the other ship. You do not have to hope for the support of your own soldiers: they stay on board and shoot Cassandra, who does the rest.

Somehow you get what you need to get into the grave. And the missing mistress actually turns out to be Medusa, disguised as a human being on the surface. It comes to the bossfight. And that is not only clear, but also bumpy.

The lady with the evil eye shoots rays from the eyes. When they catch us, we slowly turn to stone and become slower. She also has a few other devastating attacks or sends a few guards. We dodge, seek cover, shoot with bow and arrow, collect energy for our devastating special attack – and lose time and time again.

Then the hour at Ubisoft was over. The colleague left grins, he has defeated Medusa. The colleagues on the right and the colleagues behind me look quizzically. It is then said: "Am I that bad or was it so difficult?" He is not the only one. And that is sufficient answer. It was so difficult.

The conclusion: Odyssey looks damn good. And even at the maximum level of 50, the game is still a challenge. Ubisoft will certainly offer to lower the difficulty level a bit. From simple defeats and attacks and then row after row of opponents, but it has become something much more difficult and more demanding. But at the same time, something that makes every success sweet.

Assassin & # 39; s Creed Odyssey will be released on October 5 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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