Australian study relates to gambling

from Andreas Bertits
Another scientific research on outer boxes and gambling makes the boxes popular with some publishers and developers in a bad light. In Australia, 7,000 players were examined to see how lootboxes influenced their buying behavior.

After an English study a connection between Loot boxes and gambling addiction Now another study throws more oil into the fire.

Study investigates buying behavior of 7,000 players

The Australian Reference Committee for Environment and Communication (ECRC) has a study commissioned by 7,000 players. These were examined for their buying behavior of in-game items. It turned out – similar to the study from England – that only those people who were already biased by gambling addiction spent much more money on Lootboxen than the others.

The study therefore concludes that outer boxes have a similar influence on the psyche of players as in traditional gambling. The study also states: "The spending of large amounts of money for robbery pots is similarly linked to problematic expenses for other forms of gambling, which would be expected if the plunder bins were psychologically a form of gambling, what you would expect if you courses psychologically compare with baseball cards. "

According to the study, players are conditioned by plunder bins to experience the tension that causes frequent gambling in many people. This should lead to problems with gambling addiction. Publishers and developers would therefore be able to exploit players who have a tendency to gambling addiction. For this reason, this study concludes – just like England – that games that offer Loot boxes can only be sold to players of the right age.

Source: VG247

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