Call sent e-mails now in the app

For Gmail there is the next innovation, again Google will wrap a new feature in the Android app of the email service. This time it concerns already sent e-mails, which can now be retrieved at the touch of a button. So if, for example, you have sent an e-mail early, there is still a short period to send the e-mail, but still cancel. To do this, a key on the lower screen is displayed during the sending process and must be pressed quickly.

Even after sending you have a short time to "retrieve" an e-mail. With Gmail to Gmail always, with other e-mail services a short delay in the background, offers this possibility.

New is the function with one of the latest app versions. But it can also be good that not every user can use the innovation immediately. Google will probably use the classic "staged" distribution again. But your app should at least work with version 8.7. [via]

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