Christmas Shop – Intelligent speaker with display from Google

According to a report from the Nikkei Asian Review, Google will launch a language assistant with a view in time for the Christmas season of 2008. The unnamed source reports that the new smart speaker offers an alternative to the Amazon Echo Show with similar functionality. Google's "aggressive marketing plan" plans to sell around three million copies of the new smart speaker.

Amazon is expected to "spend" 315,000 copies of the Echo show in the first six months after its launch, according to a study by the analytical company Canalys. have sold. Google's plan is perhaps described as ambitious.

Smart Display Platform as a basis

The hardware that Google designed itself would be based on the company's smart display platform. LG, JBL and Lenovo are currently developing and distributing their own language assistants with display on this basis. So far there is no language assistant with view in the Google range. The Home device Google Home Mini is supplemented in the middle class by Google Home and in the higher class Google Home Max. The Google Home Mini and Home compete with the Amazon Echo Dot and Echo, while Google Home Max has proven itself as a competitor of the Apple HomePod.

Video calling and YouTube video

In the future, the new language assistant will use the integrated language. Displays enable new functions. In addition to voice command control, the new Google assistant should, for example, play YouTube video & # 39; s, view maps, and view calendars & appointments. Whether Google 's own messenger apps and video telephony is integrated is not yet known. However, since this is Amazon's competition, it can be expected that Google also offers this function.

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