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WhatsApp is the most popular courier in the world. Many of the 1.5 billion users have many contacts with whom they keep in contact via the service. Because it can happen that you receive a new message and open it (unintentionally), without having time to read or to get answers. If many more messages arrive during the day, you may forget a message that you have (inadvertently) read. Only days that you remember. But then it can be too late for an answer. Moreover, it is possible that the contact is angry because they have read the message but have not responded. Fortunately, there is a trick that ensures that you do not read (unintentionally) messages.

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Mark messages as unread

That is, WhatsApp offers a function that makes it possible to mark read messages as unread. This works very easily and is extremely practical.


Android users only need to mark the desired conversation in the chat list (tap on a little longer) and then open the menu in the upper right corner via the three dots. The "Mark as unread" option appears there. If you select them, the chat in the list is marked with a striking green dot. Incidentally, you can also mark the message as read in the same way as you have contacted the chat partner in another way (calling, meeting, etc.) and a later answer is therefore obsolete.

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Mark WhatsApp chats on Android as unread.


iPhone users have it even easier. To mark a chat as unread, move it to the right in the list. The message is thus automatically marked as unread and marked with a blue dot.

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Blue check marks remain

However, it is important to note that this only works on your own smartphone as "unread marking". This does not affect the sender. He still sees the blue check marks and thus knows that the message has been read. The marking is only an aid, so do not forget to reply.

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