FIFA 19 depends on the playfully superior PES 2019

Alex Hunter, the fictional superstar of the FIFA series, starts in FIFA 19 in Real Madrid. The narrative campaign of the upcoming FIFA game, packed with dialogue and cutscenes, also includes the role of his half-sister Kim Hunter and his buddy Danny Williams, as well as famous players such as Kevin DeBruyne, Neymar and Alex Morgan. Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2019 has no Alex Hunter, no story mode and certainly no women's football.

PES 2019 does not have many licenses: this year the Champions League will change to FIFA. That is better because the EA-kicker can at least fill the prestigious competition with real teams without nice names. Dortmund had a license in PES last year, this time PES publisher Konami proudly presents Schalke 04. As usual, FiFA has 19 Schalke and Dortmund, just like the rest of the Bundesliga. And the second and third competition are still on board. The fact that PES now has the full Russian Premjer competition is a small consolation for the German football fan.

The license problem can be looked up at PES, EA monitors its licenses as a treasure trove. That there have been no innovations for years, that the menus are still so ugly that the career mode is not being revised, but you can blame the Japanese, but. Actually, the version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, which was shown on Gamescom and had to match the completed build, is fantastic. The game is more realistic this year, the animations are great, shots feel better.

PES 2019 is fun. Experience has shown that this kick-kick is short-lived, because practically all other parts of the game, from the Fremdschäm commentators to the sloppy translation, really try to sabotage this fun. There are also no good game modes that can offer a lasting gameplay after the single game. That does not change in the last part either.

FIFA 19 can not keep up with the game, but has in the meantime won the role of the arcade football game – the fans want it that way. The current FIFA edition is fast, a bit hectic, just like its predecessors. There are also some minor changes to game mechanics: EA has implemented a new system to improve acceptance of the ball. In practice it has been noticed that you can now present the ball quite far from the first contact and start immediately in the sprint. The more physical duels made inconspicuous. The tactics in FIFA 19 are also closer to the game, but you can not guess that after a short glance.

The real stimuli EA no longer creates the actual gameplay, which changes in details from year to year, but in the game environment. The story mode now binds players for three years and the Champions League license is a real added value. It means that FIFA can create an almost complete package of teams and competitions this year.

EA has also considered a new impulse mode, which is described as a kind of survival mode & # 39 ;. When a team scores a goal, it permanently loses a player. So the opponent has the better chance to come back. If you want, you can also set the kick-off mode so that, for example, only volley ports count. These are funny mini-innovations, but at least show the will to try new things. Konami has nothing to be against. Although PES is even more fun this year than ever, FIFA has extended its lead even further. Maybe untouchable.

PES 2019 will be launched on 28 August. A demo is available for download on Xbox One, PS4 and Steam. FIFA 19 will be released on September 25th.


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