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Nothing for offline players! Firewall Zero Hour for the PlayStation VR is an online title that requires an internet connection. The content of the game is also based on online shooters: as in Rainbow Six Siege there is a single player mode, but it is also limited to a training mode that does not reflect the strength of the game.


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Firewall Zero Hour is controlled by the Dualshock controller or the target controller, which makes the latter feel a lot more realistic and offers a not insignificant advantage in the reaction speed. Anyway, the not-so-difficult controls go fast in the blood and limited to the most important thing: moving, shooting, healing, much more, there is no attention.

Good with a few instructions that follow tracking works with the PSVR headset. It puts the movements of the player close to perfection – our character kneels as we crouch down; jumps when we do it; peeks around a corner when we tilt our heads. It is a pity that small disturbing factors sometimes creep in. So sometimes you can hang with the weapon on a wall, get a bullet, even though you are hidden behind a thick wall or can not hit an opponent, if it is just behind a hole.

No story, no problem

A story does not have a Firewall Zero Hour. In essence, the content is explained quickly: one team has to break through a firewall and hack sensitive data, the other team protects the data. The absence would probably be almost inexcusable in a standard console title, in the VR shooter area, but its absence is not really applicable. Too quickly you are caught in the action of the game.

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Unfortunately, the game modes are still limited, so far only hacking data or data protection is offered as a mission goal. You play a maximum of eight, four against four. During the training you can also do and practice four, but the mode is fun for a while and does not last long. The opposite is true in the few minutes of matches, they do not want to stop.

Teamwork required

Firewall Zero Hour has everything it takes to become a real VR shooter and to turn it into an eSport phenomenon. The previous players almost always show team spirit and the shooter itself offers many tactical possibilities and not just stubborn ball eggs. Only that one can use boxes better or even manipulate, lie around objects and the like, would be desirable.

The procedure itself wants to be played: whoever denounces is dead as quickly as in a team undesirable. The team cautiously wants to explore and secure the environment, and teams are not in place here. If you still die on the screen, you can view the game even further and give useful tips to your own team. With wins, monetary units for skins, skills and new fighters are gradually available, of which there are twelve. Later you can equip and arm the characters yourself, they are ready at the beginning.

From weapons and classes

The twelve types (each with their own biography) differ in their benefits: one, for example, is more damaging, another heals cohorts faster. The weapons have three classes: Assault comes with assault rifle and grenades, support with submachine gun and mine, Close Quarter Battle with pumpgun. However, neither a certain class nor a figure offers a decisive advantage, you can choose on the basis of taste and team composition.

An apparently small but in practice major shortcoming comes to the fore in matchmaking. If the host has been eliminated from a game, the whole group will fly out of the game and must be reset. This is especially annoying if you have a well-functioning team that actually wants to play more rounds. Here it would be logical to automatically transfer the host function automatically to another player. After all, in private games and / or when creating an online friends list, you can mitigate the effect somewhat.

Conclusion: makes a powerful impression

Firewall Zero Hour impressively sits at the top of – fair and still manageable selection – VR shooter. The gameplay works, with the exception of a few mentioned shortcomings in the striking crash question, the tactical depth is impressive. Anyone who seeks protection in narrow headphones with headphones, behind boxes of opponents or interpret traps at strategic points, has the feeling that he is actually in military action. Accordingly, the pulse increases. Nausea is surprisingly nothing, the motion sickness, despite the speed of the title, is absolutely limited.

Anyone who wants to, can switch to a rotational movement with fixed angles, but then feel a huge amount of immersive gameplay with whistling. Although the game modes are very limited, the environments are varied, varying from bunkers to narrow streets with details that can be seen. Moreover, the accessible or protected laptops can always be found elsewhere. Impressive is also the 3D sound. If you listen carefully, you can locate your opponents by means of steps and actions. However, this often decreases when recording background noise and pumping background music. Both can also be heard.

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