Fortnite: Epic plans a competitive game mode

by Andreas Bertits –
This autumn, Epic Games wants to give the successful online shooter Fortnite a competitive mode. But the team has not talked about it yet. The developers, however, explain that they want to fulfill the wishes of the players and create a mode in which the fans can compete with each other.

Fortnite (buy now for € 59.99) Fans crave a game mode in which they find themselves as one in one competition measure and compare with each other. Epic Games wants to fulfill this wish this autumn.

Fortnite gets competitive mode

As the team explains, we know that players have long had a competitive game mode and thus the ability to compete against each other. Some time ago the development for this mode began. "We have learned a great deal from experimenting with assessment schedules and formats and trying to find the best balance between ease of use, entertainment, server performance and competitive integrity," says Epic. "You can expect us to continue to compete after the end of the Skirmish in the summer when we start the official Fortnite World Cup next year."

At this moment I still keep the team covered when it comes to designing the competitive mode. Players are hoping for a ranking for Fortnite. But what comes exactly, Epic Games will talk about it later.

Source: Kotaku

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Fortnite gets a competitive game mode. (1)

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