Fortnite: Google finds the vulnerability in the epic installation program

In mid-August, Google employees discovered a deadly vulnerability in the Android version of the Fortnite installer of Epic Games, which could have hacked the entire smartphone. The explosive: developer Epic bypasses its way through the Google Play Store via its own installer to save the share that the search engine giant usually renounces.

Not a few users were skeptical, if this way is the right one. After all, Google also checks the apps that are offered in the Play Store in the field of your security.

The safety gap already discovered on 15 August was in itself. Because it would have enabled potential attackers to play all software on a smartphone or tablet. The reason: thanks to the extensive rights that the user has granted when installing external sources, it would have been sufficient to call a hostile file "com.epicgames.fortnite"to completely take over the device A detailed description of Google Analytics can be found here.

The problem – also called "Man-in-the-Disk" attack – was immediately reported to Epic by Google. The game developer responded promptly and has been offering a new, improved installer on their website since version 2.1.0. In this variant, this vulnerability is now full.

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