Free character confirmed for early buyers and launch trailer released

Strange Brigade: free character for early buyers confirmed and trailer released launched

August 23, 2018 at 5:09 PM:

Today, the developers of Rebellion have given us the official launch trailer for the soon to be published Coop-shooter "Strange Brigade". In addition, a fifth character has been confirmed, waiting in the form of a free DLC for early buyers.

With & # 39; Strange Brigade & # 39; Rebellion's British developers will soon publish their new project. In "Strange Brigade" we are dealing with a cooperative shooter for the consoles and the PC.

Players take control of various archaeologists who come with individual skills and get to the bottom of supernatural phenomena. As the Rebellion men have announced today, pre-orderers and players who buy the "Strange Brigade" within the first 30 days after the official launch can look forward to the free DLC character Winston Bey.

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Strange Brigade: The Coop shooter appears in the official launch trailer

"It is whispered from remote corners of the British empire, where the supernatural lurks and the shadows never give way – to travel in the few and return even less.In Strange Brigade, players discover fantastic civilizations, forgotten and mysterious , excavated tombs that deceive deceitful seducers and meet incomprehensible creatures, "says the official Strange Brigade.

He continues: "As one of the four daring investigators, each with their own weapons, tricks and superhuman powers, an ancient world is explored and there awaits a horrifying army of mythological monsters unleashed by a revived Egyptian queen. # 39; n wicked evil the Strange Brigade needs fearless fellow fighters. & # 39;

In Europe, "Strange Brigade" is available for the PC, the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 from August 28. The launch trailer released today is in agreement with the release next week.

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