Fresh from Gamescom: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Super Mario Party

Fresh from Gamescom: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Super Mario Party Image3

Nintendo shows its big brands on gamescom

Naturally, Nintendo will not be missing on the gamescom this year. Big and small were able to hit each other on the cap, follow the collecting drive or assemble a mini-game after the next one. Of course we were also part of the game and the developers showed us the new Super Smash Bros. See Ultimate and Super Mario Party. Our impressions here in short form.

There is no party like a Super Mario party

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Good old party games that you can play on the couch with a few friends are becoming increasingly rare nowadays. But during our visit to the Gamescom to Nintendo we were able to enjoy two co-op games for the banks, which were born in 1999 and have always enjoyed a number of new spin-offs. Next to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – the example of which you will find in this article – is of course the speech of the Mario Party series. With the Super Mario Party the mustachioed plumber & co. now in the grip of eleven rounds. Of course we used the gamepads to give us an idea of ​​the long-awaited party game.

Together it works best

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There is not much to say about the fundamental principle of a Mario party, because the series is usually explained so quickly that even the non-dedicated video-games mother understands the gameplay after a few minutes and has mastered it in terms of gameplay. Played with up to four players different mini-games in which the performances are rewarded with points. The better the performance, the higher the score. Almost self-evident.

Prior to each mini-game there is a brief introduction to the mechanics of the upcoming spectacle. At the edge of the screen, a video explaining the procedure and as a participant, you can test this mechanism at the same time. Are you familiar with it, then the real mini-game starts. A race on a barrel, the mysterious escape of an omnivore, driving a tricycle or the tricky roasting and turning of a meat cube are just a few of the many games that are all about one thing: skill.

Here you control the events with the buttons of the (separate) switch controller as well as with the motion control. Quick reflexes in combination with the abovementioned skills are the key to success. At the end of each round is settled and the placement announced. Good 10 minutes and then such a short game is over.

Like at home in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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If the DNA of a series of games is rooted in my body, then that of Super Smash Bros. I do not know how many hundreds of hours I've spent trying to defeat any secret with my friends from Melee or in Brawl to deal with one Final Trophy Hunt. No wonder Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a bit biased. Anyway, we have never been disappointed and what will go wrong in such a bombastic encounter at All Stars?

Old class, new crowd

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After thirty seconds on the Switch Pro Controller (I naturally preferred the proven Gamecube controller variant), I realized: you do not even have to worry about the hint of a gram. Smash Bros. remains Smash Bros. while he knocks and kicks. Here mechanics were tinkered a bit, like a new movement built in, just as Left bomb is now in the Breath of the Wild way, but actually everything remains the same. And that is good. The Fantre ff and of all Nintendolieblinge actually has the perfect excuse, not so often required by the press to innovate.

And yet you can not resist and cram the new spur with tons, sometimes more or less useful things. Now, for example, there is the possibility that two Smashballs appear on the battlefield. One breath is always the breeze for a powerful finisher, while the other is a cheap dummy that will destroy you in the afterlife.

In addition, we also handed out the two playable games on the Gamescom, the new characters Ridley and Inkling. What should I tell you about the Moveset of your two, your hard-hearted fans probably already know. But what I can tell you is that the two fit seamlessly into the fight and even fan favorite Ridley fits surprisingly well between the hunters. I could blink forever, but let's face it, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be the switch hit, we can all think.

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