Google does not (ever) plant a pixel smartwatch

Google's own smartwatch probably does not exist.

Google's own smartwatch probably does not exist.
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In the summer it was said that Google, in addition to new smartphones in the year 2018, for the first time could bring its own pixel smartwatch on the market. These rumors have now denied the company. Apparently, however, Google is planning a new surprise for its hardware event in October.

Google manager Miles Barr, the company responsible for the Wear OS operating system, challenged the development of a pixel smartwatch. "We're just not ready for a one-size-fits-all smartwatch," he told Tom & # 39; s Guide in an interview. Instead, Google wants to continue to focus on working with smartwatch partners such as LG. Of course, this statement does not preclude the release of a pixel clock in the future – however, a smartwatch is excluded for the Google hardware event in October.

Smartwatch plans initially put on hold?

In May, tech trainer Evan Blass said, usually well informed, that Google would also launch his own smartwatch in the fall next to Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. loud Winfuture In fact, the company would not only plan one watch, but three models that would act under the code names "Ling", "Triton" and "Sardine". What has become of these plans is unknown.

Pixel mode instead of Pixel Smartwatch

Instead of a smart watch, Google could raise a surprise in October. As the website reports to XDA developers, the Google Assistant code already contains hints for a special user interface for a so-called & # 39; pixel booth & # 39 ;. This apparently means a charging station for the pixel 3, which at the same time serves as a "reliable device" and displays extensive usage information such as weather, games or music on the screen of the smartphone. The hardware event of Google is expected to take place on October 9th.

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