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Hitman 2: How it is done – Video series starts with a closer look at the immersion

16.08.2018 17:41 – Andy

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment releases Hitman 2 – That & # 39; s Made: Immersion, the first video in a new series with the variety of functions, enhancements and items that Hitman 2 offers from 13 November. The first video shows how players are completely immersed in the world of Hitman 2 by mixing with the people and using the extremely detailed worlds, as well as numerous characters controlled by a revolutionary AI. The result is a domino effect in the game with far-reaching consequences.

Hitman 2 is the continuation of the successful, internationally known video game Hitman. It contains new, highly detailed sandbox worlds full of vivid, authentic environments that invite exploration. Hitman 2 gives players the freedom to plan the final contract murder. They can use different tools, weapons, disguises and different stealth techniques to creatively unleash their unique series of events.

Hitman 2 also introduces a new way of playing with the Sniper Assassin mode. An independent game variant, with which for the first time a co-op experience within the Hitman series is possible. In this mode, two players can work together online to destroy their goals. Sniper Assassin is now available as an early access bonus for customers who pre-order Hitman 2.

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