high expected demand – Kuo increases prediction> Macerkopf

iPhone XR: high expected demand – Kuo increases prediction> Macerkopf

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In a few days you can get the new one Preorder iPhone XR. You can actually place your order from Friday (October 19, 2018). Generally, a large demand is expected. This will be higher than the iPhone 8 last year.

Kuo expects a high iPhone XR demand

Knowledgeable analyst Ming Chi Kuo expects that the demand from the iPhone XR will be large. Accordingly, the demand is greater than originally assumed. At the same time, according to the analyst, Apple may increase production from October, which will generally lead to a higher delivery volume.

Kuo expects Apple to sell between 36 and 38 million iPhone XR in the fourth quarter. This is an increase of about 10 percent to the original assumption of 33 to 35 percent. Especially in China the demand will be large, which will stimulate sales. The iPhone XR surpasses the iPhone 8 because of the larger display, longer battery life, design and support for two SIM cards.

All in all, Apple will sell between 75 and 80 million iPhones in the current fourth quarter. In the first quarter of 2019, the iPhone XR will remain consistently high. Instead of a quarter to quarter decline of 45 to 50 percent, such as the iPhone 8, he expects a decrease of only 25 to 30 percent. For Q1 / 2019, Kuo expects between 55 and 60 million iPhones sold.

We expect that XR shipments in 1Q19 will beat the low seasonal sensitivity. We predict that XR shipments in 1Q19 will decrease 25-30% QoQ to 27-30mn units, and we will see the QoQ decrease in lower XR shipping, compared to general consumer electronics and the 30-40% QoQ decline smartphones, ascribe to a better replacement demand and production delay. So the QoQ decrease of XQ in 1Q19 in 1Q18 wants to be better than the 45-50% of the iPhone 8-series.

Sounds like rosy times for the manufacturer from Cupertino. From Friday 9:00 am customers can order the iPhone XR in advance. The actual launch will take place on 26 October. Six colors and three storage capacities are available.

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