How much does a good smartphone cost?

The Samsung Galaxy A8 is a good middentelefoon for less than 400 francs. Why would you spend more than 1 & # 39; 000 francs on a smartphone?

Do you really need to spend 1000 francs or more on a new smartphone? Or is less than half of them enough to get a decent device?

The prices for smartphones of the highest segment have increased lately. For current flagships like iPhone X (1195 francs) or Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (1049 francs) you have to dig deep into your pocket. Then there are also luxury models such as the Huawei Mate RS in Porsche design (1999 francs).

But is it really necessary to spend as much money as you just want to have a smartphone for everyday life without using it as a status symbol at the same time? We clarify how much a good smartphone really should cost.

The Huawei Mate RS is great. However, it also costs 2000 francs. Are good mobile phones also cheaper?

What do you need a smartphone for?

Before you buy a product, you must first ask yourself what it is used for. So of course with smartphones. If you want to view the timetable, especially WhatsAppen, or want to make a selfie for Instagram from time to time, an entry model is sufficient.

Cheap models here are Wiko View 2 and View 2 Pro (here in the Bluewin test) for respectively 200 and 270 francs. Anyone who wants to gamble on an established manufacturer and is willing to spend more can take a look at the Samsung Galaxy A8 (529 francs, here in the Bluewin test). Anyone who can tolerate mini-screens and two-year-old technology can shop with the iPhone SE for only 429 francs in the Apple ecosystem.

For slightly less than 270 francs, there is the Wiko View 2 Pro.

A first-class smartphone is really only necessary if you want to gamble on games of the highest quality such as Fortnite or make really professional-looking photos.

However, the smartphone is the most used gadget for many people. Should you not afford to spend a little more? You probably do not buy the cheapest mattress for your bed, although that would probably fulfill their task.

This does not speak for the rescue of mobile phones

An objective drawback, however, is that in any case cheaper smartphones are concerned and that relate to the updates of the operating system, For Android phones of the novice and middle class you expect usually that after a year with software updates is over, sometimes even earlier. Even security updates are rarely used longer.

The problem with the flagships of the Android manufacturers less and with iPhones almost not at all, because there would be at least four years of expected updates. A bargain today could turn out to be a serious problem later on. In order not to be an easy victim of hackers, you would have to spend money prematurely on a new smartphone and the saving effect would be lost.

You have to pay attention to cheap smartphones from China

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