Huawei wants with new smart phone chip in Android top class

Shenzhen. The Chinese Huawei Group is fighting with a new high-performance chip against the dominance of the rival Qualcomm in high-quality Android smartphones. Huawei presented the Kirin 980 chip system at the IFA exhibition in Berlin, which among other things should offer more strength for applications based on artificial intelligence.

It is the first commercially available smart phone chip made with 7 nanometer feature sizes, allowing more transistors to fit in the same area. For machine learning, two so-called neuroprocessors are specifically disabled, which among other things have to speed up image recognition and photo processing. In addition, a particularly fast LTE modem for speeds up to 1.4 gigabits per second is integrated in the download. Huawei's first phones with Kirin 980 are expected for the fall. The chip is produced by contract manufacturer TSMC from Taiwan.

For most Android phones from other manufacturers, chip systems from the American competitor Qualcomm are used. Huawei – also an important network provider – is faced with political headwinds in the US, partly because the company's technology is regarded as a security risk with respect to Chinese intelligence activities. Huawei always rejects the accusations.

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