Keynote Rumors Check No1 | Why did Steve Jobs choose Tim Cook? | Lukas is back – # apple fun 56

Is the "iPhone xx" an iPhone SE 2? Will Apple still bring a new Mac Mini and if so, which one? Shortly before the keynote the speculation picks up again and we summarize it for you. – Welcome to the Apple chat 56.

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In the Apple Talk # 56 we are talking about the following:

  • 00:00:00: Your e-mails: Apple Pay, Apple Watch search and cruise
  • 00:14:17: Keynote Rumors: iPhone Event Appointed, iPhone xx Emerges, iPad Smart Case Leak, Mac Mini Pro version and more
  • 00:37:10: Platform Comparison: An exciting statistic of why iOS users switch to Android. And vice versa
  • 00:43:43: 7 years Tim Cook: 7 years ago, Steve Jobs announced his resignation. How suitable is Tim Cook today? And what does Tesla have to do with it?

Today the technology was not on our side. – It took a lot of effort to record the episode and put it online. But in the sweat of our forehead we have not stopped and here it is, Episode 56: We start with the household, as we often do.

Some listeners have sent us letters about exciting topics that we read aloud. And then it starts, a lot has happened.

Keynote rumors: "iPhone xx", Mac Mini and Apple Watch Series 4

What is that for a robber pistol? An "iPhone xx" has appeared in the code of Xcode. One possibility: it refers to a new iPhone SE. Another possibility: it does not indicate anything. We arrange the events for you. We also do the same with the speculation about a new Mac Mini. Demanding users should he bring pleasure, but it can be so expensive that nothing remains of the Mac Mini-Spirit?

And when will we have clarity: already at the keynote on September 12 or in October? And then there were the applications of a new generation of Apple Watch. They do not tell us much, but we suspect a lot about the Apple Watch Series 4.

Switch between iOS and Android

Why do users change the platform? That's pretty simple, but a new study has again discovered the main reasons why users of an Android smartphone choose an iPhone and vice versa. We summarize the results briefly.

Seven years Tim Cook

We asked you what the conclusion is about Apple & # 39; s Era Cook and read some comments. Of course we do not save with our own assessment of the subject and draw parallels with the present.

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