Linus Torvalds takes the time

Linus Torvalds, the maker of the free Linux operating system, takes a break from the development of the kernel. The known for his angry and offensive commentary developer wants to work on his behavior.

Linus Torvalds created in 1991 with the free operating system Linux one of the fundamental cornerstones of the contemporary IT landscape. Today, the vast majority of all active web servers are Linux-based and even the fastest supercomputers in the world implement the open-source operating system without exception.

Linus Torvalds

Linus Torvalds takes a break from kernel development.

source: By Krd (photo) By Sprat (cropping / extraction) – File: LinuxCon Europe Linus Torvalds 03.jpg, CC BY-SA 4.0

Together with the release of the Release Candidate for Linux 4.19, Torvalds had a very special announcement in store: the still leading Linux developer wants to take a break from the active work on the kernel. The reason for this is not another project, as was previously the case with Git version management. Much more, the 48-year-old wants to dedicate his own behavior.

In the Linux community, Torvalds is known for his often angry and insulting remarks and e-mails that have often brought him criticism from his fellow developers. For this behavior, Torvalds now apologizes in the e-mail to the Kernel mailing list. "My frivolous e-mail attacks were both unprofessional and inappropriate. […] Finding a better patch was logical for me. I know that was not good and I'm really sorry. & # 39;

Meanwhile, Torvalds is transferring the development for Linux 4.19 to Greg Kroah-Hartman, one of the most prominent Linux kernel developers alongside Torvalds. This ensures the latest release of the new Linux kernel version. However, the organization of the development of the kernel is not known.

Torvalds remains Linux

In the e-mail, Torvalds further states that he does not want to fully withdraw from kernel development. On the contrary, he would continue to work very well on the Linux project, as he has done for three decades. How long the time-out of the main developer will remain, however, remains unclear.

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