New details and characters for God Eater 3

Bandai Namco used the Gamescom and today more information about the gameplay and the story of the Action-RPG God Eater 3 published. Lulu Baran was seen in one of the last Famitsu editions. Now there is an official character description for her.

Lulu Baran is introduced as AGE (Adaptive God Eater), a new and powerful species of God Eater. In the course of the game she will encounter the protagonists in the Ash A. She is an einzelgänger who was sent on difficult missions as a child. In the fight, however, it is easy to overwhelm his enemies thanks to high mobility. She owes this ability for a long time to a test object for the God Eater combat assist system that & acceleration trigger & # 39; is mentioned in Port Baran.

Port Baran is one of the new places in the game. The port's economy and industry are flourishing, while several development agencies are focusing their research on the Aschelande and the AGEs. In addition, the new Aragami False Idol from the Aschelanden is presented.

He floats in the air as he alternates between two figures. So he can strengthen the defense or the attack. Moreover, his entire body is covered with an almost impenetrable shield – it requires strategic action if the players want to be victorious in the fight.

God Eater 3 appears for PS4 and PCs.

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