New iPhones can replace old devices from many Apple customers

News and rumors: 23 August 2018, Jonny Random

iPhoneX18-green techno codex

iPhone in green – techno code

The following iPhone setup can replace many devices that are still in use. Especially those users who are not addressed by the current portfolio can gain access here, believe market researchers.

Apple has not been able to reach all customers with the latest line-up from the fall of 2017. Although the iPhone X is undoubtedly a success, despite the immense price and also the iPhone 8 has found its buyers, but there are many customers that the devices considerably expensive or not innovative enough.

The last accusation mainly affects the iPhone 8 Plus, which is acting with its still large margin and the resulting size unintentionally unmanageable.

But although the portfolio's differentiation has only produced more expensive iPhones so far, this could be the turnaround in the other direction: with the iPhone 2018, Apple could make a triumphant step in previously untapped buyer groups.

Analysts expect a powerful upgrade wave

Based on these facts, GBH Insights' market researchers interpret a greater urge to buy new from iPhone users. The market researcher Apple sees about 350 million units sold in the next 12 to 18 months, until now it was expected that 220 million devices in the next financial year of Apple, which is about to begin.

GBH Insights also does not exclude that this promising cheaper 6.1 inch LCD iPhone will come later than the two OLED models on the market.

Previous estimates were based on a launch date in November.

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