New security features for Gmail –

Confidential email allows Gmail users to protect their messages from unauthorized access. We have taken a closer look at it.

by Stefan Bordel

As part of the large Gmail update, Google has added several security features to its email service in recent months. One is the mode "confidential», protecting e-mails and attachments with sensitive information against unauthorized access. Until now, the feature was exclusively available through the desktop version of Gmail, now the manufacturer rolls out the function for the mobile apps on Android and iOS.

Confidential e-mails in Gmail

The mode is when composing a new e-mail via the menu item Mode "confidential» activated. Allows the user to secure his message via various options, such as an expiration date or a security code. For the latter, you must enter a code sent by SMS to open the e-mail outside of Gmail. However, no code is required when using the official Gmail variants (desktop and mobile).

In addition, the new mode allows to limit the further processing of e-mail in Gmail. For example, you can disable the options for copying, downloading, printing, or forwarding message text and attachments. In addition, access to e-mails with an expiry date can be prevented even before the deadline set, if desired. In order to reach explicitly confidential emails in the search, Gmail users must enter the item I: ^ irm_outbound in the search box.

Practical addition to Gmail

Really innovative, the new security features for Gmail are not. Specifically, the mailing with the expiration date has been offered for some time by various providers such as ProtonMail. Nevertheless, the feature update is a practical improvement for the platform-independent use of Gmail, which contributes to the security of G Suite.

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