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Forsaken Shores

With immediate effect, Forsaken Shores, the largest release ever for Sea of ​​Thieves, is now available for free on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC for those who already own the game or have access via the Xbox Game Pass.

Volcanic eruptions in the new area: The Devil's Roar

Forsaken Shores invites you to explore the new volcanic region called The Devil's Roar. The dangerous and challenging Sea of ​​Thieves area confronts gamers with volcanic eruptions and lava. In addition, there are drastic earthquakes and unpredictable geysers that make the journey more difficult.

With the rowing boat in dangerous waters

Also new in Forsaken Shores is the rowboat, which is the key to navigating through this dangerous new region. The new expansion will be launched in Sea of ​​Thieves with a temporary campaign that is now available for four weeks. Gamers will learn what happened to the first team that the Devil Roar has achieved. As part of the campaign, there are new scavenger hunts in the Dealer Alliance, which carries cargo flights around the world and offers great rewards. The so-called "Cargo Runs" will be introduced during the third week of the campaign and remain an integral part of Sea of ​​Thieves – even after the completion of the temporary campaign.

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