Sekiro: Shadows The Twice – Release on March 22, 2019

Activision officially announces the release date for the highly anticipated new game from FromSoftware: Sekiro: Shadows Twice, a third-person action-RPG adventure game, is scheduled for March 22, 2019 worldwide.

To celebrate this, fans of Gamescom 2018 can be among the first to be present Sekiro: Shadows The Twice can play. Sekiro: Shadows The Twice can be played in hall 7.1, stand B42-C41. In addition, the Sekiro: Shadows the twice Collector & # 39; s Edition, full of collectibles, is from today predestined in selected markets. The launch of digital pre-orders also starts today at selected dealers worldwide.

With the new gameplay details too Sekiro: Shadows The Twice reveals that the prosthetic tools "one arm wolf" can be rebuilt to unlock new actions such as powerfully charged attacks. With these attacks the possibilities to beat opponents are increased.

Playable on Gamescom 2018

At Gamescom 2018, fans can finally see the unique and diverse features Sekiro: Shadows The Twice experience and get a first taste of game moments, including:

  • swordplay: The core of the fighting Sekiro: Shadows The Twice consists of the hard impact of steel. The players use special sword skills to support their regular attacks and to destroy the enemy's defense before they make the final hit.
  • Shinobi prostheses: Players can equip and change some unique prosthetic devices to find the weak points of powerful opponents. In addition, tools such as the grapple hook can be used to add a new dimension to exploring and going through the game world.
  • resurrection: This new combat strategy allows players to come to life on the spot, even after a hasty death, to use them for tactical retraction, or to deceive an opponent and continue to the counter-offensive.

Experience brutal Japan in the 16th century

"We can not wait, the fans Sekiro: Shadows The Twice Steve Young, the Chief Revenue Officer of Activision, finally said. "Fans will get a taste of the different tools available for the Shinobi prosthesis at Gamescom this week, and when the game opens on March 22, 2019, they will be able to step completely into the brutal, gloomy world of Sengoku Japan. yourself in the 16th century. "

the Sekiro: Shadows The Twice Collector & # 39; s Edition can now be pre-ordered from selected sellers and offers fans the following collectibles:

  • Full version of the game
  • 18 cm large statue of Shinobi
  • Map
  • SteelBook®
  • Collectors Art Book
  • Digital soundtrack
  • Game Coin replicas

From fans of Software will have the difficult gameplay of Sekiro: Shadows The TwiceRecognize where fighting has the highest priority. Sekiro: Shadows The Twicedirected by Hidetaka Miyazaki is a game for one player that puts the player in the role of a cold-blooded warrior, whose mission is to save his master, a young nobleman, while taking revenge on his archenemy. Players can combine features such as vertical movement and relentless head-to-head battles to fulfill their destiny in a vast game world full of beautiful views, powerful castles, bizarre weapons and formidable opponents.

Best Buy:
SEKIRO – Shadows the Twice [PC] order at for EUR 59.99

Sekiro: Shadows The Twice is released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro; PC via Steam and the Xbox One family of devices from Microsoft, including Xbox One X.

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