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Dhe gamescom runs at full speed, thousands of gamers from all over the world celebrate the big game in Cologne. Ubisoft takes the opportunity to bring players the special editions of the upcoming online shooter "The Division 2". The game appears, according to the official press release, in addition to a standard version in four other versions, which will probably appeal to collectors and carefree all-round Daddler. For example, the "Gold Edition" for 99.99 euros offers the Year One Season Pass in addition to the main game. This gives you seven days earlier access to all additional content that appears in the first year after the release of the game. Also the main game you play with this version three days before the official start on March 15, 2019.

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The Division 2: Comprehensive Collectors edition

The "Digital Ultimate Edition", on the other hand, contains the main game for 119.99 euros, the Year One Pass including the previously mentioned pre-release entries and three additional download packages in the form of the "Elite Agent" package, the "Battleworn Secret Service" – package and the First Responder package. If you want more, you can access one of the two collector editions. In addition to the game and additional download packages, the "Dark Zone Collector & # 39; s Edition" includes a 30 centimeter high collector's item from the special agent Heather Ward. There is also a lithographic book, a soundtrack and a map of Washington, D.C. The whole supplies Ubisoft for the price of 109.99 euros in a special box.

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The division 2: all editions can be ordered in advance

An alternative to this is the 250 Euro "Phoenix Shield Collector & # 39; s Edition", which you can buy exclusively in the Ubisoft Store. In addition to game and season pass and three download packages, the collector's edition with a moving collector's grade of Brian Johnson in the scale 1: 6 on. This is not the frontman of the rock band AC / DC but an agent of "The Division 2". In addition, a sample book as well as the lithograph book, the soundtrack and the card from the "Dark Zone Collector & # 39; s Edition" beckons. All editions are now available. This will give you access to the closed beta and you will also receive the download package "Capitol Defender".

E3 Preview: The division 2

As part of the E3 trade fair 2018, there was a lot of new information about "The Division 2". In addition to a playable demo, there were also a few streams from Ubisoft in which the developers gave their say and revealed the latest news. The editors collected the most important information and got insight on the site. While "The Division 2" continues consistently with the successful concept of its predecessor, there is still a lot of alignment. Not only the new location Washington D.C. gives a different feeling, in the second part the emphasis should be on the endgame. Already on March 15 "The Division 2" is released for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The Division 2: Venue – Washington D.C.

While the nasty Mammon, Roads of the Drawing Board and Wall Street shouted in New York, it is now about seven months after the virus erupted in the summer of Washington D.C. Nature has already recaptured the first parts of the former power center. There are more open spaces here than in New York and the developers confirm that they want to develop a one-to-one version of the American capital. The card is already 20 percent larger than its predecessor. Again, you fight from zone to zone in each of which the level of opponents is given.

The Division 2: The E3 Preview

The MMO shooter "The Division" gets a successor, the Ubisoft presented on the E3 2018 for the first time in a playable version. The demo of "The Division 2" focuses on the core business of the series that is known from the first part: cooperative battles against AI opponents. Concretely, the playable part is about recapturing a so-called control zone near the Capitol in Washington – more on that later. Part 2 of the American capital is the scene of clashes between divisional agents and all kinds of other factions – especially in Washington, battles are being fought over the few remaining functioning power centers in the United States. Even seven months after the virus broke out, the country is in ruins. The distribution could not restore the order.

It is clear that Ubisoft does not dare to do big experiments with the second part of the RPG shooter. The playful changes are in the detail. The first rounds in "The Division 2" show that the skeleton has not lost its appeal. The mix of RPG and shooter still works great. And the new skills fit in well with the concept. The new institution looks a bit different: at first sight, Washington has left no lasting impression, as New York did at the time. However, there was only a very small part to see.


  • Meaningfully improved basic framework
  • Incourses with up to 8 players
  • Free DLC & # 39; s in the first year


  • New setting seems a bit boring

Review of the publisher


The Division 2: Proven Combat System

The fights in "The Division 2" are at first sight similar to those of the predecessor. As always, you chase your character in the haunting perspective from cover to cover and take your opponents along. To do this, use conventional ratchet keys – from the shotgun to the sniper rifle. There were no surprises in the arsenal of the E3 demo in this area. There is something in the skills. The so-called signature skills of the predecessor no longer exist; instead, you use distinctive weapons. These are particularly powerful police officers who unlock you from level 30 – such as a caliber -50 sniper rifle or a crossbow with explosive bullets. You will only find ammunition in battles with fallen enemies – and only rarely. Four of these powerful weapons were playable at the fair. The developers confirmed on request that there will be more in the last game. They did not become more specific.

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