This is how the colorful "Diablo MMO" plays Torchlight Frontiers

At Gamescom 2018 we can allude to the upcoming Diablo-like MMO Torchlight Frontiers. Here is how the MMORPG action feels.

The latest part of the Torchlight series is to become an MMO. You walk through randomly generated areas and click on Diablo-like monsters. So collect your loot and raise your heroes.

Torchlight Frontiers is also an MMO. You meet other players in the cities that you can invite to participate in your party. Then you can go on a monster hunt together.

torchlight-borders-lama In the dungeons and adventurous institutions you only see the players who are part of your group. So there are no hordes of players, all of whom end up in the zones at the same time.

We played Torchlight Frontiers

This is how Torchlight Frontiers plays: At Gamescom 2018 we could play Torchlight Frontiers live. There were only two classes to choose from, a magician and a kind of steam powered robot.

Title of the Torchlight_Frontiers

We chose the magician and went on a hunt for goblins. This was as follows:

  • With the left mouse button you play monsters with the weapon, on the right button an attack magic is set
  • Just like in Diablo, click on the monsters and tap them like that. This is pleasantly intuitive
  • A number of skills, such as extra strong attacks, a buff or invisibility spell, completed the selection
  • A pet kept running for support. This was a dog with us, but there was also an owl and even a llama!
  • The pet was a nice addition to the fight and helped as a tank. Later, the creatures will even learn their own skills

That is boss fighting

Last fight against the goblin boss: So we slaughter effortlessly through goblin hordes. At the end came a cave with a very thick goblin called "Wideload the Mancrusher". It was especially large and had a huge life bar and special functions.

Wideload can upset our hero if he strikes. In addition, new goblins came in to support the boss. Eventually the thick Gobbo fell into the dust and dropped a lot of booty. That was the end of the offensive session at the fair.

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Our first conclusion to Torchlight Frontiers

Ideal for fans of colorful fun worlds: If you know and enjoy action RPGs, you'll feel right at home in Torchlight Frontiers. The gameplay is intuitive and easy to learn. The skills are useful and the cute pets are also a pleasure.

Torchlight Screenshot Goblins title

But if you expect a dark, serious world à la Diablo, Torchlight is not for you. The game is based on colorful graphics and humor. Even in the caves everything is colorful and the goblins are funny in a grotesque way.

They tumble around, chat in their foreign language and when they act as gunners, they have to panic for a second before their primitive slippers begin.

What about the MMO elements? Unfortunately, the demo session was not online at Gamescom. Other players did not come our way. So we can not say how the MMO functions in Torchlight Frontiers work and feel.

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