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Apple has again released a new beta version of its iOS operating system for download. It is expected to offer few new features compared to the previous beta & # 39; s and will be largely limited to bug fixes and performance enhancing measures. But of course there are several important changes on the update calendar with iOS 12.

Download iOS 12 Beta 10 now

With the recently released iOS Beta 12 Beta 9, Apple seems to be a decisive step forward a few weeks before the launch of new iPhones. Because developers report in relevant internet forums that a number of visual improvements have been made, but that no new functions can be discovered that distinguish Beta 9 from Beta 8. All in all, iOS 12 is already running very smoothly in the current form, so nothing stands a timely presentation of new iPhones in the road. An accompanying keynote is expected for mid-September.

Brand new: iOS 12 Beta 10. Only three days after the ninth beta, Apple released a new beta version of iOS 12. This is rather untypical and suggests that iOS 12 Beta 9 still found some more serious bugs that have now been eliminated.

How can I install an iOS beta?

Apple distributes the beta updates in two variants: anyone who has signed up for Apple's developer program will first get the new iOS Betas – through Apple's developer portal. "Normal" testers can participate in the public beta test of iOS. Here, however, the iOS beta are available with a short delay, so serious errors do not paralyze many iPhones and iPads.

Apple Watch Series 4 is being prepared

Spicy for Apple: new versions of iOS can also give some tips for new products. For example, hints for a new Apple Watch are found in the iOS 12 beta. "Watch4.1", "Watch4.2", "Watch4.3" and "Watch4.4". These four model numbers of the upcoming Apple Watch Series 4 will, according to information from the Online portals 9to5mac already mentioned in the code of the second beta software of iOS 12. The indications are completely identical to those of the Series 3 watches, so that the different variants are probably similar and for example different display diagonals appear – but probably in a larger version .

Changes on iOS 12

Once iOS 12 is officially available, Apple users can enjoy twice as fast app launches, according to current information about higher work speeds. Furthermore, the system will be supplemented with new apps such as "Measure". This can be used to measure real objects with augmented reality. Other improvements are the galleries, the internal speech assistant Siri and the Animojis.

In addition, iOS 12 will make changes to the included apps, including news, weather, stocks and voice notes, while an app called Measure measures the dimensions of objects in 3D space using ARKit. Users should also get more overview through the reporting groups. Motorists can look forward to supporting third-party cards in CarPlay. Other new features are Siri Shortcuts for automation, Group FaceTime and MeMoji, with which you can build your own Animojis. New tools will also be useful. For example Screen time to log the parallel use of apps. It is also known that the App cards – the counterpart of Google Maps for Google Maps – should receive a comprehensive update.

iOS 12: the news at a glance

In addition, Apple had made the following changes in the fourth beta: anyone who is interested in which apps consume the amount of data volume can now not only sort this information alphabetically, but also measure which apps have generated the most data, Extra activity stickers are also visible in iMessage.

New iPhones with Dual SIM support?

The fifth beta solved a problem that could occur when installing new apps from the App Store. But it is also reported that this can now cause problems with Bluetooth connections. Here Apple has to come on time with a new update for lighting. But this is much more exciting: developers found the following hints deep in the system diagnosis data: "Second SIM status" and "Second SIM loading status", as well as "Dual SIM device". An indication that at least one of the upcoming iPhones can be operated with two SIM cards? Yet this question is not answered definitively.

In the sixth beta of iOS 12, among other things, a Bluetooth bug was eliminated, preventing him from connecting to iPhones and iPads on various Bluetooth devices. Three new monochrome backgrounds in green, blue and orange have also been discovered. In Apple maps, the font is now displayed more powerfully and can be seen on the home screen in a newly designed Air Play icon.

New beta versions of iOS 12:

  • August 23rd: iOS 12 beta 10 (16A5364a)
  • August 20: iOS 12 beta 9 (16A5362a)
  • August 15: iOS 12 beta 8 (16A5357b)
  • August 12: iOS 12 beta 7 (16A5354b)
  • August 6: iOS 12 beta 6 (16A5345f)
  • July 30: iOS 12 beta 5 (16A5339e)
  • July 18: iOS 12 beta 4 (16A5327f)
  • 3 July: iOS 12 beta 3 (16A5318d)
  • June 19: iOS 12 beta 2 (16A5308e)
  • June 4: iOS 12 Beta 1 (16A5288q)

More new beta versions in the overview:

  • Xcode 10 beta 6 (10L232m)
  • macOS Mojave 10.14 beta 8 (18A371a)
  • watchOS 5 beta 8 (16R5357a)
  • tvOS 12 beta 8 (16J5355a)

importantEveryone who plays with the idea of ​​installing one of the beta updates must first realize that this is not yet a completed software development. In other words, it is possible that the beta releases suddenly crash or that individual apps are not yet compatible with the beta. If you have little or no experience with beta updates, you should wait until the final versions of the software are available for download.

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